Newly Launched Popular Sedans In Vietnam

Sedan segment of less than 500 million VND has some more options in 2021, including life and new versions of Hyundai Grand I10, Toyota Vios, Honda City and Mitsubishi Attrage. Which runs in Vietnam, so cars under 500 Million VND has the participation of many manufacturers. The models are also regularly upgraded and supplemented with annual equipment. In 2021, a large sedan group has a number of options at a price of less than VND 500 million, an additional version, upgrades or The new generation of Hyundai Grand I10 cars, Toyota Vios, Honda City and Mitsusbishi Attrage.Toyota Vios 1

.5e Mttoyota Vios is a familiar name at the Grade B sedan segment and new upgrades in the early life cycle this year. The price increased by VND 8-11 million compared to the previous life, so it was still only the number of Vios samples with a price of less than 500 million VND, namely 2 versions of Vios 1.5E MT 3 airbags (478 million VND) and Vios 1
5E MT 7 airbags (495 million dong). Is the low version with basic equipment, Vios MT proved to be more suitable for buyers of service business cars - the cost of investment costs, low use, durability High and spacious space.Toyota Vios 1.5E MT has muscle chairs, mechanical clock tables, touch screens, DVD players, muscle keys and regulating hands. Vehicles with ABS / BA / EBD, electronic balance, traction control, supporting horizontal departure, camera and reversing sensors. Motor 1.5L (106 horsepower, 140 Nm) and 5 MT gearbox No difference of old life.Honda City Ehonda City E began to be taken to agents late April, priced at VND 499 million and direct competition With Toyota Vios 1.5e Mt. Other with the baseline of Vios or Accent, Honda City E still uses a CVT automatic transmission instead of the floor gearbox
However, a relatively simple and comfortable list, including steel la-zang, felt chair, monochrome center screen, air conditioner, start button, ABS / EBD, electronic balance, 4 bags Gas ... Photo: Honda Nam Dinh.So with other Japanese and Korean cars in the segment of less than VND 500 million, City E's largest advantage is similar to Vios, which is durability, high price and cost Use Savings.Honda City E Using 1.5L motor is similar to higher versions, for a capacity of 119 horsepower, 145 nm torque - the best performance level of the B..Hyundai Grand I10 class The sedan sedan of the new generation of Hyundai Grand i10 is distributed with 3 versions, priced at VND 380-455 million, an increase of 30-40 million dong compared to the old life. In that, the number of platforms 1.2 MT standards and 1.2 MT is still a plan with good use space for car-service buyers, especially long-distance passenger passenger: TC Motor. With modern design, more wide size and added page Being, the highest sedan I10 version towards people Using young, first purchase car for personal service. Hyundai Grand I10 1.2 at cheap competition with cheap B sedans such as Mitsubishi Attrage CVT or Kia Soluto at Luxury.Ok: TC Motor.Hyundai Grand I10 2021 with 15-inch Halogen, LA-zang, buttons Click Start, Smart Key, Wind Door Rear Chair, 8-inch Center Screen Support Apple Carplay / Android Auto, 4 Speakers, Cruise Control, ABS / EBD / Three, Tire Pressure Sensor, Back Sensor , reversing camera and 2 airbags. 1.2L motor, 81 horsepower capacity, 114 nm torque, gearbox 4 at or 5 attrage cvt premiumoanh numbers Mitsubishi Attrage cars significantly improved later Facelift 2020 with a more modern design was released. Installation in 2021, the new attrage has the highest CVT Premium version for VND 485 million. Compared to the previous two MT and CVT variants, the new model is significantly upgraded to safety equipment. Photo: Mitsubishi. Specifically, the car has additional electronic balance, supporting the horizontal departure, supporting brake force Emergency, headlights and roses automatically. Plus the available advantages of space use and fuel economy, Attrage CVT Premium is a cheap sedan plan to consider personal users. Some other remarkable equipment of the car include LED headlights, Leather seats, 7-inch central screen, automatic regulating, start button, Cruise Control, ABS / EBD, reversing camera and 2 airbags. Photo: Mitsubishi.So with common ground segment, 3-inch motor -Lanh 1.2l of the most weakest ATtrage CVT Premium, with a capacity of 77 horsepower, 100 nm torque. Vehicles using CVT gearboxes. Chi Vu / Zing

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