Neymar, Brazil’s Golden Name

Neymar is likened to Brazil's bow, confidently heading to victory over Argentina and won the Copa America championship 2021.0: 00/4: 44 South of the South World Cup finals 2014, Neymar announced he wanted to see Argentina posted Quang in Maracana. "I want Messi to win," he said. In the tournament, Brazil lost to Germany 1-7 in the semi-finals and Neymar, the back injury from the quarterfinals to meet Colombia.Neymar and Messi with special friendship "with the That support, he can be turned back by the whole country

. In our era, there is no meeting with the Argentinians. Now, the players become friends ", Dunga - Captain Brazil World Cup Championship 1994 - Commenting. This year later, when the first time with the Brazilian team entered the finals of Copa America, Neymar once again reminded his friendship
"I waited for Argentina in the final. I cheered them to win the semi-finals. I have friends there. In the final, I will defeat them. "Neymar's voice is 29, Neymar wants to have a big title with Brazil. The spine injury made him a reluctant audience when the 2014 World Cup was taking place. He also could not attend Copa America 2019, the tournament that Selecao crowned.Neymar was the main factor to help Brazil win the Olympic HCV 2016. Before that was Confederations Cup 2013. However, he did not have a big title with the national team (World Cup and Copa America)
Copa America 2021 is the tournament of controversy and Neymar does not want to attend. The spirit of exhaustion, he protested to bring the tournament to Brazil, after Colombia and Argentina were turned away by the landlord because of the complex movements of Covid-19. He found an excuse: pandemic stress in his hometown. "The players spoke up their thoughts with the federation," coach Tite protects his players. But the ball starts rolling, under the determination of President Jair Bolsonaro government. Neymar has no other way to accept a product in the Brazilian team. "Neymar has grown a lot. Before, while in Barcelona and when he was wearing a national team, he was a boundary player, scoring, speed , drilled and moved personally .. "Tite talked about the student .Neymar Featured in Copa America 2021" Now, he expanded its scope. As a bridge Player scored, he also played for others. We called him the bow, capable of building and completing the gameplay. Neymar has increased his arsenal in the match ".brazil has Play 6 Battles Copa America 2021, win 5 and draw 1. The draw takes place in the strength that Neymar is absent. "The rate of Neymar influences in matches with Brazil is perfect. He is the leader of the team and is usually the only solution," Mano Menezes - who leads Selecao in the period of 2010-2012, analyzed.Neymar has 2 goals and 3 creative lines in 5 matches. "When you have a player with such qualities, it depends on him in the attack balls is normal. Neymar has magnetism with the ball and His teammates are always aware of them, "Dunga explained, even though he missed him from the 2010 World Cup team, despite the call from fans. New to Neymar on the journey Copa America 2021, Tite constantly changes Brazil. He used all 3 goalkeepers. "They are in a very good state," he explained. Finally, Tite seems to bet on Ederson - Premier League 2020-21 champion with Man City.Tite trust Marquinhos duo and Thiago Silva in the center-back. Fred is considered the most ideal partner of Casemiro.Neymar eating Italy with Lucas Paquetakhi building public goods, continuous disturbance tite. Of course except Neymar. Richarlison (373 minutes), Gabriel Jesus (282), Lucas Paqueta (280), Everton (207), Gabigol (174), Firmino (171) and Everton Ribeiro (166) Falling throughout Brazil's public goods. Try to find the most reasonable partner for Neymar, in a tournament that Philippe Coutinho is not present.Lucas Paqueta is a prominent factor next to Neymar before entering the final. A year ago, this player was outside Milan's plan. He found himself in Lyon during the 2020-21 season. Lyon, Lucas Paqueta reproduced himself: 34 matches and 10 goals. A visa for the South American football tournament. 3 years ago, total time Paqueta played less than a half, when Selecao crowned at home. Currently, he scored both goals in the quarterfinals (Chile) and semi-finals (Peru). "Paqueta was a great player and he was growing in every match. He just had a great season Great with his club and very important for the Brazilian team, "Neymar praised the new partner. Italian with Lucas Paqueta is the important value, so that the named Neymar bow to bring Brazil to pass Argentina East South America. Phong Phong

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