Nft Fever: Technology Key To Solve Persistent Existing Problems

NFT technology has helped support transparency and partly resolved persistent existing issues such as disputes around the field of art - entertainment, copyright, illegal film, or related issues Go to counterfeit money, IP disputes. How are the online seminar "NFT wave changes the investment industry?" Because S-World coordinated with the Platform Call recently organized, experts emphasized the breakthrough in deploying NFT to a variety of art and entertainment areas such as movies , Music and electronic games (gaming), create opportunities to receive investment from capital worldwide for long-term application projects and bring great value to the community. Connecting experts to the Blockchain community in Vietnam and the world, with speakers who are Mr. Kendrick Nguyen, Vietnamese-American Executive Director of Republic

.co, Startup provides the foundation for investment capital in the US Calling capital 36 million USD Round Series A. Director, Film Manufacturer Charlie Nguyen, founder of a non-centralized project of Fam Central film industry. Mr
Cris D. Tran, Fam Central Executive Director, former CEO of Infinity Blockchain Ventures. How experts share in the seminar "NFT wave changes the investment industry?". In the second quarter of 2021, The NFT market (token cannot be replaced) has reached a record mark when sales of numerical assets reached a value of up to $ 2.5 billion from the beginning of the year until now, according to data published on the Open Sea platform . Notably, in the first 6 months of 2020, the sales of this market was only modest at US $ 13.7 million. Dong Kendrick Nguyen, CEO offered: "One Price Interesting treatment, creating the growing trend of the NFT ecosystem is the allowing users to release and trading assets without the participation of third parties. NFT is doing well tasks that help users get the most valuable possible thanks to a seamless, complete and cost-saving system when participating in this ecosystem
"Evaluation of Vietnam market, Mr. Kendrick Nguyen said, Vietnam is currently the world in the world on the level of encrypted money, according to Statista's global consumer survey in 2020. "Can see the potential for money development Digital in Vietnam or for Startup in this field is very high in creative innovation capacity or consumption demand from Vietnamese users, "said Kendrick. Besides, experts Agree on the trend of deploying the NFT to the number of business models that are gradually developing to many different areas. Investor, director and film producer - Charlie Nguyen said that NFT technology has helped support Transparency and partly resolving persistent existing issues such as disputes around the field of art - entertainment, copyright and victims Pirated movies, or issues related to counterfeit money, IP disputes ... in Vietnam, can include blockchain technology application in art and entertainment such as Fam Central. Mr. CRIS D. Ceiling sharing project is carried out with the desire to support the manufacturer in the field of art - entertainment in Vietnam and the world has a diversified capital through the use of public use Nghe Phong Blockchain and Tokenization Technology (digitizing cards). Together Kendrick Nguyen said, NFT projects are assessed as potential when it is "long-term application" and brings "value to the community". The application of Blockchain or NFT technology will become increasingly impacted and demolished future limits when allowing users to pursue their passion and hobbies, just generate profits in new worlds. The recent Play-to-EARN game model like Axie Infinity of Startup Viet Sky Mavis is a typical example of 7.5 million USD mobilization from American billionaire Mark Cuban and other investors to develop More strong in the coming time. Accordingly, Axie Infinity players can sell their game properties to anyone in the world, earn Liquid Token to play or contribute and can own a part of the game they are playing. Recently, the real estate development project in the Digital Universe (Metaverse) of Republic Realm Fund due to republlic.Co sponsored and announced the opening of digital shopping district on the decentraand platform. The project is carried out on the land plot of the decentraand platform that Republic has acquired with a value of more than 913,000 USD - the real estate ownership deal using the largest NFT technology ever. According to Mr. Kendrick Nguyen, with the time when people, especially young people, spending to experience the digital environment, Metaverse is expected to be a potential market, not just a technology dream.Chia Sharing for NFT investment experience in the context of market fluctuations, experts warnings beginners must be careful with many NFT projects that are not valuable when anyone on the Internet can create a NFT one fast way

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