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Still bringing uninphalious thinking about money, but it seems that Gen Gen is begun to pay attention to saving, more profitable investment after a time of going to work in: 00/6: 5 southern region with mineral thinking About money, but it seems that Gen Gen is begun to pay attention to saving, investing more profit after a while working. Gen Z is born and grown up in the technological age of development and focusing on experience. Therefore, there is a view that they are quite handicapped people. This may be only partially correct. Zing, 7 young people after sharing their consumer habits

. At the same time, refer to how they prepare money for unexpected cases .____ I belong to spontaneous expenses, no specific records or plans. However, I still have a habit of dividing the total income into 3 main parts: sending family, investment and personal consumption
In the 2-month work at home, my plan remains unchanged. Creating my income depends pretty much into the number of projects every month. In addition to the main job in the company, I have received some extra freelance about writing content, making my main market reports. My main is accepted at the end of the month. In order to limit the condition of the money when waiting for wages, I often deliver payment to pay from 10 to 15 for external tasks above. I am particularly interested in the investment in recent times. Anyway, I also went to work for a while and wanted to start proactively more of my money. The product is also a regular payment. I spend a lot of money on skin care products such as cleanser, lotion, serum, mineral spray, .
. but myself saw this is the necessary investment. I don't buy coffee but milk other. This was a difficult habit to quit every day, without coffee I was not alert to work ._____ instead of going to the Gym Episode with a personal trainer, I stay at home to train and buy some additional foods To maintain its shape. My monthly spend does not have much difference, even during the way of stretching. The reason because I still go to work and normal activities. Not out of eating, meeting friends, I went to the market online and cooked at home. Every month when I received a salary on May 5, I will pay the house first, then to the amounts are not fixed as shopping , take the cat to go to the spa before, I run out of 1 week before the new month's salary should have to use a credit card. Currently I still don't pay much attention to a long time to spend the long-term money The immediate goals, or to buy an expensive item. I think it is reasonable because you are young, so it will enjoy a more labor force that is over VND ._____ I rent a house in Ho Chi Minh City with you to work. Therefore, each month receiving a salary, there are 2 fixed expenditures I have to separate my money and savings money. Usually, I will receive salary on 5, to the following salary will be about 500,000 VND in accounts. In addition to the above two fixed items, I spend most of the remaining money for eating and entertainment, and at the same time going to play weekends. I still have birthday party activities, farewell to colleagues, .. . These are irregular items that I will use the sinking fund to spend when needing. My skin care revolves around shower gel, cleanser, toner, BHA, cream. Every month re-1.2 products and need to buy new so almost any month I also spend money for this clause. Be a daughter, whoever doesn't want to take care of yourself and keep yourself young. For me this is a worthy investment. There is no specific goal, I only leave 2,000,000 VND per month backup for unexpected cases .____ I accept hard wages from fulltime work of VND 12,000,000 On 2 per month. In addition to revenue from freedom, I usually have over VND 20,000,000. The external jobs are not fixed to pay time, but the advantage is to help me never fall into the situation of "swinging ". After receiving the main salary, I will immediately pay fixed expenditures such as rent, electricity, water and monthly subscriptions such as Netflix, copyright software to support work. With the amount Back, I started spending on eating. I live alone so most will buy preliminary items available at supermarkets or eat outside with friends. Money account "self-reward" for yourself as upgraded electronic equipment, buy clothes, I quote Income from Freelance projects to buy at least 1 gold only every month and send a bank to save long-term ._____ Unlike many people of the same age, I find myself lucky because little fall into the status "Fire bag ". Although the salary is only enough to live, I often plan to spend it as soon as I receive a salary at the end of the month. I live away from home so the motel is also a worrying issue in the Covid-19 season. However, when Work From Home, I don't need to pay for unnecessary items such as snacks, buy new clothes. My life is not much affected. Before, to avoid Sa Da shopping, I try to consider

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