Nghi Nghi Nhan Ha Thanh Ngan Holding A Silk Scarf From Lotus

It takes 4,800 lotus stalks for a scarf in a length of 1.7m, 25cm horizontal. A lotus-made scarf with a selling price of about 8 million dong. A first day of July, we returned to Phung Xa village (My Duc district, Hanoi) met Artisan Phan Thi Thuan was the first to weave the lotus silk in Vietnam.The people of Phan Thi Thuan this year Ms

. 68 years old, every day still pervasive with the profession. Thuan mentioned, from Thousands of years, Phung Xa village was famous for traditional weaving. Going throughout the village village, where it sounds on the textile machine - the characteristic sound cannot be gone
However, the weaving is now tomorrow, many people change their jobs. Phan Thi Thuan is born and raised in Phung Xa village, is the third life in the traditional family according to the weaving profession, never definitely with the profession . She always hurts to find a new direction for yourself, for people for years to live "lost" among rudimentary machines. She knew with the current trend, it would have to stand in front of the risk of being "wiped", more painful than fading without anyway. The Phan Thi Thuan person was born in the famous village Traditional weaving. From 2017, Ms. Thuan has embarked on testing silks from lotus stalks. But until 2019, Ms. Thuan was successful. The first product is that three scarves are originally in Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc to the G20 summit to make gifts
In the following years, the number of products increases gradually. To turn the "dream" to weave the lotus silk, she bought a field to a lot of fields in lotus planting. Thuan fiber research point, Nha Thuan house has no lotus dress She bought a field in a lotus planting. "There are no fields that cannot be studied," Ms. Thuan still copied his mouth with his old year decision.Sen often blooms around from May to September rows year. The lotus season began to be the time when her family was entering the exploitation of the Lotus. The house dress is not enough, Ms. Thuan buys more from the vicinity. "Before the lotus silk, the lotus tree stalks almost thrown away, but now it's different," Ms. Thuan said. The artist is grinding with lotus dresses, especially the lotus season. are very good and sophisticated. The lotus stalks after being interrupted directly from the dress must wash over 2 layers of water, clean mud and spikes. Clean stalks are clean and beautiful. Every stem also makes lotus lots, private stalks for the amount of flickering in which is beautiful. It takes 4,800 lotus stalks for a scarf in a length of 1.7m, 25cm horizontal. Calculating a hard worker, a day only done 200-250 stalks. Thus, a scarf loses nearly a month. To get the lotus silk, Ms. Thuan used a knife around the lotus stalks, skillfully using the filaments to pull the threads, but through a water plate, stretching And braided together. This process repeats about three times so that the thread is thick enough. Each the lotus is taken, it is necessary to wash it carefully. With Ms. Thuan, this is considered one of the most difficult stages, which It must be gentle, calculated so that it is not too deep, avoid breaking the fears of the inside. The skilled man can a while cutting and separating about 4-5 lotus pieces to get the silk: "It takes about 1 week to do this, but it must be more than a month," Ms. Thuan said. The silk weaving machinery are very rustic, simple. "All lotus stalks must be handled within 24 hours. If the stalks are dry, the silk will fail. Leave the thread Without a small place, the fiber needs to be hand. After turning the fiber into the tube, the lotus was put into the machine and gasped to the shuttle to weave into the weft, "Ms. Thuan was drunk. Price Of the lotus silk scarves of about 8 million dong. In his story, she recalled the time when the Dong Thap Muoi region to teach people how to get silk but not effective. Her experience are areas with silk traditions, it will be easier to absorb. Now, when health still allows, Ms. Thuan is passing on knowledge to the children in the village. At the peak, there are a hundreds of students who go to school. Thuan passes the knowledge of making lotus silk for children in the village. The crowd has a hundreds of people attend. There are natural fragrance. Small yarn, but extremely precious. Holding the face towel is made from lotus, the person feels its full softness and pureness. It is true that lotus silk is still worthy of the jeweler in the fabrics. The lotus rolls. The machines are used in simple and rustic. Artisans do not hide career. She is willing to teach every stage from how to get the lotus yarn to weaving towels for his workers. Even though he had a long-term attachment or only half-hearted, everyone she only wondered with love and meticulously. In the region, Ms. Thuan is strictly strict and inactive. The artist uses a knife around the lotus stalks ...... Then use your hands and pull your hands. Prospective personality, the production of lotus fibers from stalks Open prospects to improve the economic value of lotus growing, co

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