Ngo Vuong – Historical Novel Of Writer Phung Van Khai

Ngo Vuong was quite good and attractive and attractive, stories attracted readers from start to finish. It can be said that in novels written about the history in our country, Wu Wang is one of the worthy history novels in the best goods. Photo of Ngo ethnicity of Ngo Vuong Mau Mau 938, with a reverberating victory, My nation has really crushed the invasion of the enemy. The victory of Bach Dang in 938 was recorded in history such as a glorious, immortal champion marking a great historical turning point, fully ending the capital of more than 1000 years of North, opening a new era Making long-term and brilliant development of our people. The victory of Bach Dang, Ngo Quyen (897 - 944), the national hero has been up to the king, holding the capital in the neck (Dong Anh - Hanoi today ), Put officers, martial arts, posing the decrefere ceremony showing the independence of our country's autonomy

. Our country is really returned to be a completely independent country after the Northern period lasting in the whole thousand years. The right to become king, established a new dynasty, which is the Wang in the calendar Chinese feudal history. The great merit of Ngo Quyen has been using recorded books
.. until recent years have appeared a "historian" of them Phung, named Phung Van Khai to record itself and career of Ngo Quyen in Thanh A thick book, that book is called Ngo Vuong (historical novel). Wang a reorganization chapter novel, right at the opening of dialog (into the story): "Dang giang himself. It means that the river is since old blood is red) This is a verse of the Porcelain of our country as Giang Van Minh (1573 -1638) King Le Than Tong (1607 - 1662), when he went to the smart porcelain. Than Giang Van Minh mentioned 2 times the North Army lost the humiliation on Bach Dang river in 938 (Ngo Quyen) and in 1288 (Tran Hung Dao). That is the strategic determination, not only intrusion of the Northern feudal dynasties, but also opened the new era in the history of our country in which, Bach Dang victory in 938 of Ngo Quyen confirmed the solid existence of our people. , opening a long-term independent era and brilliant development of the country for nearly 5 centuries, from the Xth century to the XV, through the dynasties of corn, Dinh, Tien Le, Ly, Tran, LOVE. Read the first pages set by Van Pham Luu Vu's writer talking about Ngo Vuong Phement or earlier. This is not a common way to write the introduction to the book, or summarize the content of the book, but this is a special way of writing as if written writers introduced words and author is the same writing , each person writes a part, who writes the first part, the person who continues the last part
This proves that the writer Pham Luu Vu had to work very seriously, after reading Ngo Vuong to write the opening of the book. Must go to the last page of the opening, after more than 20 pages of books It is an introduction to the book: Having the guy, the name of the story of the story of Ngo Quyen Hero in Ngo Vuong novel. Literature of active, luxurious, dialogue according to the cost of post-coffee preaching, a bit like the old Chinese. The Ngo Vuong's novel of Phung Van Khai wrote in detail as the Inductance, coherent such as Quang Duong street, striving to clean up ... Ngo Vuong includes 18 records of the process from Duong Dinh Dinh Nghe Tinh Dinh Na to the end Ngo Quyen up as a king, holds the capital in the neck, posing the quanities, martial arts, raising the court ritual shows the independence of our country's autonomy. Filming, the local earthquake of floating places to chase the military road to the country. Trog the most outstanding tractics are the beneficiaries, with talent and powerful forces who have chased the Chairman of the Tang's house, occupying the vastly claiming as a porcelain part. After the segment loses, the song hushes to replace the porcelain, the song is lost, I am an redundant of America. The Mystery of America receives the porcelain porcelain currication, not to undertake Nam Han's house to be established in the South of China (Guangdong - Guangxi in China today). Purchasing General Ly Khac Chinh Bringing 5 thousand troops to invade our country, the generals of the generals of the American fucking without floating the battle, the American beans are arrested with a session of the session (Nam Han's capital) . Nam Han's house in the name captures the Chau, but the rights of Ly Tien, the History of Nam Han's house in reality does not come out of Dai La city. Everywhere in the country, their old generals and the chiefs still hold the autonomy in each region. Then Duong Dinh Nghe people of Duong Xa, Ai Chau (Thanh Hoa), is a member of the rights of the Hao, he is a combatant and has a great lice, practicing the name of the army to open the advancement Thanh LA.NH HAPPY NAM Kan's house is Ly Tien to run away from China, King Han House immediately appointed Tran Bao to bring troops to fight Duong Dinh Nghe, but Tran Bao was killed in the match, Na House

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