Ngo Yon Phàm Set A New Record With 2 Drawing Documents, 3 Associations And Boycotts

After officially imprisoned, Ngo Yorny is the first artist in the history of C-Biz to receive a record with two written documents and 3 associations and a statement of boycottes. <: 00/1: 48 nam Ngo Yornen was arrested, showing that the police had in the hands of authentic evidence of male artist's crime. Ngo Yorni officially became a crime, not even qualified to be allowed to be allowed to stay in the trial period. According to a lawyer, the judgment that Ngo Yorniness must receive perhaps not less than 5 years. After announcing that male artists are officially arrested, all 3 Chinese art associations are associations Cinema, music associations and television associations are all written to boycott Ngo Yorniness, resolutely not "leaving the content of the body" to artists who violate the law and have no morality

. Only subject to legal punishment, Ngo Yorniness will be subject to discipline and boycott of performing industry associations. This is no different from a second "defense" version, after the screen, purification throughout the social network where Ngo Yorni has had to receive it. Youku, Tencent, Iqiyi officially removed the participatory films of Ngo Yorny
Besides the films by Ngo Yorny and closed themselves uninstalled, with a film male artist who plays a side shoulder will be cut off. The gameshow, the actual show, thoroughly thoroughly thoroughly participated in participating will be removed. In the time when the scandal of Ngo Yorni also has not officially ended, C-Net has been "suicide" to pass on rumors "Falling the station" of another Luu vertex in the future. "Peak Liu" named 3 words, also belongs to EXPERIENCE (name to call the association of power names in Chinese language entertainment). If this rumor is true, 2021 is exactly a year of C-Biz's high-level "purification" year. Currently, many fandoms of peak artists Liu named 3 words are almost holding their breaths "live in worry" .daisytheo sohu

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