Ngo Yorni Sued Her Ex-girlfriend Because Of Peeling Septic, Sarcastic Cnet: ‘winning With No One Will Believe’

In contrast to the previous time, Ngo Yorniness quickly reacted fiercely when he was rumored to peel off the septic congregation navigator.0: 00: 00/2: 31 South regions More than 1 month earlier, Ngo Yorni became the focus Of public opinion when in just one night of 4-5 Ms. Hotgirl element to promote, "catch a lot of fish" at the same time. The slow reaction with the vague attitude of Ngo Yorniness contrary to the steel evidence from the old girlfriend makes people feel that Nam Minh is really tra nam, losing the idea. Being beautiful, the career is not affected by Ngo Yorny, suddenly "rumored girlfriends" dollars attacked when she had a new phosphate

. My Truc posted photos taken from the message screen, said Ngo Yorni had a chat group, specialized to make friends with juvenile girls. Girls born in the year after 2000 or prepare a new university entrance exam "standards" entered the Group of Ngo Yorni Pha. And "overnight"
The reason that the most commonly used male singer invites the girls to go to himself to play the MV, then the wine they are. Ngo Yorny and his friends will bring photos of the selected girls on the wine table, arguing to choose who, considering these girls like goods. Facing this susu, it seems like Southern Minh Tinh has experienced handling, so it is quick to make a written statement what the fine dollars say is wrong, asking her to remove the article. At the same time, Ngo Yorniness will also straighten the prosecution of My Truc to court because it is located, insulting his honor. This tough move of Ngo Yorniness, only South Minh Minh's fans are voiced boots Households for idols, while neutral audiences and people contesting each other "throwing stones" guy: - Playing such a text to soothe public opinion, actually this with the application of court, court Ly and result are completely different. Any winnings of the fine dollars are "nape" .- The last time does not sue the name of 4-5 old lovers. Now only regulate every one. - Anti-your back is so big, how do you peel off the phosphorus, you still can't fall. Everything is peaceful, you go to the 18-year-old hotgirl
- Nobody is at the age of 18 but Ngo Yorny's girlfriend can. That statement is not a joking, what is the situation! - Suitable, right process. The previous round was not only because of the fact that the road was denied, added to bringing the money for the children, now the US dollar stretches too, he must have a color. - Winning the case, there is no one who believes it The way he except the blind fans. My Truc loser is because of revealing other people's personal information. - It is a fireworker, Mr. Hoang Tri. Suitable is bleaching.

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