Ngoc Anh 3a Surgery Tumor, Western Husband Care Grace

Singer Ngoc Anh - former member of Tam Ca 3a shared with VietNamNet on the complete surgery instance 9: 00/2: 47 South British men who have just undergone the surgery to remove the uterine tumors she has played Currently many years ago, but did not finish treatment. Currently, after the surgery, despite still pain, the female singer feels pleasant and loves his life more. Ngoc Anh image when it has just reached the Institute. Diseases in California also delayed the female surgery process . At this time, when preparing to return to work, she carried out

. He shared with VietNamNet: "Before the surgery, I imagined that there would be many difficulties in the recovery, but unexpected process Immediately after the surgery day, I felt strong, only to gently walk because I was worried that the incision could be podied. Now it is completely recovering and the belly is even more comfortable than before. Doctor Different hands and use of new cuts so the cut is hardly seen because they paste, but not stitching
Science grows really miraculously ". In the course of surgery and treatment, Ngoc Anh received Cham. Love from the foreign husband John Gallander. Learn English 3A and Western husband. Mr. Learn English: "The day he was emergency until now was two years ago, it was fast! It took more than a year of Covo. Emerate recently. The coup husband takes care of each other when illnesses also helps each other to see a lot of sacrifices of each person. Such a new thing is called a wife. It is possible to live unintentionally but when it falls, the disease saw someone in addition to taking care of extremely precious shares
The couple every day still thanks each other and continues to help each other in everything of life. "When 7/2020, her husband Ngoc Anh had experienced the surgery. Female singer was beside care For her husband during this difficult time. In a Talkshow and singer Italy Lan, Ngoc Anh shared every receive a card thanks from her husband. He expressed her emotion when he got the companion of Ngoc Anh in The most duration of birth. Even though it is weak, he still tries to hand-written the words of love on the card. He is ready to return to the job after nearly 2 years inactive. Currently, Ngoc Anh Ready to return to work after nearly 2 years of arts and entertainment activities in the US are suspended due to the impact of the disease. Starting in August 2021, she will officially reappear in the programs Performances are held in the United States. "The whole world of labor because of the epidemic and I am also a victim, as the person loses the same person. Fortunately, the two spouses are people who live in need. And the next month onwards, I will start singing ordinary and so hot and excited, "Ngoc Anh said. In the US meeting with epidemics, many artists transfer activities to Vietnam, but Ngoc Anh Not. She said there were many people who asked her this. Ngoc Anh expressed, first, she didn't find it difficult to run away. Secondly, in the United States, I still have a husband and younger brother. Sister. "The epidemic occurred over a year ago helped people look at many things very clearly. Everything is more true exposed. So perhaps if anyone who doesn't have enough schools, it will be very difficult for this epidemic ", Ngoc Anh stressed.

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