Ngoc Ha Reveals A Special Relationship With A Cong Ly Ex-wife

Ngoc Ha - Ms. Cong Ly commune has also caused many people to unexpectedly and admire when he reveals close relationships with their husband's ex-wife MC Thao Van.0: 00/2: 22 namsau when "breaking the burden In the middle of the road "with previous love, justice meeting and ending with the 15-year-old beautiful Ngoc Ha beauty. And the actor publicly publicity in 2016, to 2/1/2021 couples are officially up Husband and wife Fate. Although the age difference, the two received the support and affection of fans

. Assuming, what he loved the most in Ngoc Ha was sincerity. He shared: "To ask for me the galas, romance is not available. People often say men love with eyes, women love with ears
I do not have the glossy words, American flowers. Saying just felt embarrassed. I show affection by doing the right to what emotions want to show ". Can see, not only sublimation in the career that justice is also skillful in relationships. Shared photos illustrated the close relationship between Justice - Ngoc Ha with MC Thao Van, his ex-wife. Not only that, Ngoc Ha - Ms. Cong Ly commune also made many people unexpected and At fans revealing close relationships with her old wife MC Thao Van. Learn Ha Dang Download the photo with a thank you to MC Thao Van for caring and sending gifts. New here on your personal page , Ngoc Ha has "showing off" the photo of fresh fruits sent by MC Thao Van. She also didn't forget to thank it extremely polite and tag MC Thao Van into his post, "Thank you! Send a gift on a distance "
It is known that this is not the first time, Ngoc Ha publicly mentioned MC Thao Van - Personal Wife Justice on the Personal page. On the day of Vietnam Revolutionary Press (June 21) , Ngoc Ha publicly prompted to the old husband's old man. It can be seen how to act on delicate and civilization between "old people - new people" of Ngoc Ha have made many people admire. Ha and MC Thao Van.Theo, Ngoc Ha has shared that: "If I say, I am very loved by Ms. Thao Van, is it called" ridiculous "? In fact, the relationship between me, Ms. Thao Van I still make many people skeptically and ask the question "Is it true". But I think I don't need to prove anything with the outside people. I keep living with love and thoughts Action.Anh Ly, Ms. Van and me - is a close relationship and sincere relations rather than the relationship with painted in public. To draw to what ... when we are civilized people , we will have to know how to handle and act an inventory The system is comfortable. Don't try to force when I'm unhappy. Because we are too much surface, loan ".

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