Ngoc Hoa Actor Asked The First Day Of Dating

Actor Ngoc Hoa revealed asked HOANG THANG right in the first dating at the perfect piece of puzzle.0: 00/2: 19The namtheo shared from Ngoc Hoa and Hoang Thang, both dating was nearly two Five years, if not because of the epidemic situation, perhaps both held a wedding. Ngoc Hoa is currently a free actor, the audience knows her through many funny comedy roles. Hoang Thang is a Japanese teacher. Funny pearls shared that perhaps "unhirgent houses" should be curious about Japanese but boys can't teach her a word

. Ngoc Hoa. Photo: Jet two agrees in common points in eating and humor. Particularly, Hoang Thang revealed that in the process of loving each other, he and his girlfriend rarely argued
Before, Hoang Thang was with her parents but now he decided to move separately with Ngoc Hoa. Both together share the burden of life from house coverage, living expenses, their own work independently and regardless of the family. Photo: Jet Ly Hoa shared before coming to Hoang Thang she used to have a 10-year love with ex-lover. However, she confessed to love each other to realize that he did not have to worry about worrying about the future and suffered her too much. Meet Hoang Thang, she felt very happy, suppose if he asked to marry The actress at that moment, she was ready to agree. Thanh Van snail. Photo: Jetmc Thanh Van's snail commented that that feeling comes from actress finding the right person, does not mean Hoang Thang meets all the expectations but he gives her the most peaceful feeling. The process of loving each other, Ngoc Hoa said both burned the stage very quickly. Photo: Jet Only after a night eating and chatting, both mentioned it right away. With Hoang Thang, he acknowledged that until dating Ngoc Hoa he could absorb the right sentence, at the right time
Although there was a favorable start with many happiness, learn more about a jade time Flowers are gradually noticed that a boyfriend says love to love with her. Photo: Jet stands in the psychiatric perspective, Dr. Linh Trang argues that hedgehogging for human common psychology, especially men often do not like being controlled by others. Some of their conscious people are specifically executed outside, and some have no expression but are still in the subconscious. Besides, with the actor's job, the words with jade flowers are uttered Out easier enemy. The female doctor also pointed out that instead of being too focused on the words he expected, look at the actions that Huang Thang did to see the love was filled with in it. Go to the audience the love story of the pearl actor and his boyfriend Hoang Thang. The program will broadcast at 19 hours 35 tonight, 16-7 on VTV9.

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