Nguyen Ba Tong, Truong Son General Hero And Idling

Newly exposed, Many people will not think that Major General Nguyen Ba Tong is a hero on Truong Son fire route, which was once the famous bombing captain at the ATP key, each disabling 'tropical tree' America because he was extremely idyllicated 9: 00/12: 13 years of the enemy enemy with the enemy's equipment there are quite interesting coincidence, the day I was born was also the day of Major General Nguyen Ba Tong Economic (in 1965). In 1987, when I returned to the 12th Army agency as a reporter in Truong Son and the youngest officer of the army agency at that time, Mr. Nguyen Ba Tong was a lieutenant colonel, head of the political committee, Ministry of Administration . Listen to Colonel Tran Pen, Deputy Chief of Staff in the 12th Party Committee, Party Secretary of the Ministry of Staff to introduce the Hero on Truong Son Fire Line, I don't believe by Mr. Nguyen Ba Tong Hien dry and very simple

. Hours of sports activities comrades often go to grown vegetables with our youth wings and tell us a lot of interesting things in the battlefield. We like best to hear the story he has disabled "tropical trees" America dropped on Truong Son street in early 1970. At that time he was the captain of the 6th anniversary of the 6th, Battalion 2, the 98 Regiment on the task of ensuring traffic, opening the way to avoid, breaking bombs, filling bombs, Save wounded invalids, guiding the missions Night night to bring goods to the battlefield on ATP key cluster
Thap General Nguyen Ba Tong.Theo he described, "tropical trees" look like a dry forest tree Drop down on Truong Son Street. "Tropical trees" are one of the major US military inventions at that time to discover military goals and movement of our team. The purpose of use of "tropical trees" is to detect ground shocks, for people, distance detection from 25 to 35 meters, cars from 200 to 300 meters, battery activity time provides energy mounted On this device lasts 2 to 3 months. Inside the tree containing three-layer electronic components consists of transistors, capacitors, resistance ... are surrounded by very hard mixed plastic layers, a large battery block and a mi-crop connected to the antenna. The antenna consists of four beards, a beard straight into the sky, three beards spread three corners to generate trembling from the ground. "Tropical trees" appeared, many crews were bombarded, many officials and soldiers Intelliges because of this "point point"
However, after grasping the active principle, his unit proposed with the superior to disable them by taking tightening the antenna needs together, covering the fabric receivers so that they don't have The ability to record noise. That's the unit, the unit of opening the road to open a lot of stones without daring to use a confidentiality to reveal the secret. The commander of his unit is proposed with the grant of collecting tropical trees, using a cloth to force the antenna to disable and bring it in places where to open the way or rocky mountains. Then open the antenna cover, use the explosive machine or a semiconductor, sometimes just a mouse tied to the sound. So just a few hours later, the US aircraft rushed to the bomb. Our team is forgiving recovering stone macia to make sugar. There is also a flight to bombing in Song Suoi, then the team takes the fish to improve ... a later time, the enemy discovers that the team has grasped the active principle of "heat trees Zone "and use this device to trick the enemy, they invent" human sniffing machine ". The active principle of this device is capable of detecting adult gas from human urine. Oh of this device is very small, difficult to detect. At first it also caused me losses. However, after learning about the principle of this device, his unit was disabled, then popular throughout the units at Truong Son strategic lines to urinate into bottles and jars later Bring away from the place where the arrangement, where to open the road, break the rock ... So the US aircraft kept on those places to throw bombs ... his enemy trick said very happy, we listened to forever without bored. "Dung The car broke "this title was set for the 98rd regiment of 98 Phan Quang Tiep for his student Nguyen Ba Tong. The story using a broke to break the passenger car of the road of Senior Nguyen Ba Tong I was heard by the respectable chief regiment after becoming 12th division commander - Major General Phan Quang Tiep.Theo Major General Phan Quang Tiep, In March 1971, when Campaign Road 9 - Nam Lao entered the second total attack, now, Binh station 27 was ordered by Truong Son Command to organize 150 cars of 62th Battalion and Battalion 965 Firecrackers, medical medical medicines and foods for units to join the Front. Congrators of the 6th Team 6, 2nd Battalions, 98 Regiment told the courtes to keep traffic At the u cow slope, near the crossroads on the road 16. That night, the carkeeper started to slope. When the car headed the sloping squad, unexpectedly discovered by the US aircraft. It shot bullets, spread bombs to the road surface, forming red fire stains hundred meters long. The car headed for a burnt bullet. Comrade driving was injured. He just opened the door to escape from the caringing car. Platoon

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