Nguyen Duc Huy: The 9x Boy Is Passionate About Beautiful Sea Cars

Nich decades of beautiful sea cars, Nguyen Duc Huy have contributed to their talent for more than $ 100 to 300 million VND each with a lot of people known by him because he is the leader of "divided Because of the community ", the group of specialized companionships, crafts for the poor in Hanoi. Besides Heart Heart, this Boy Born in 1990 also has a collection of cars with beautiful number plates.Chare about the collection of more than 10 motorbikes with beautiful and unique number plates, Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy said : "To get this car, I lost a lot of time, effort to search. Each car is associated with an extremely memorable memory

. To convince the seller, it is not simply a money to buy. Sometimes there must be charming and controlled, it can be picked up with a beautiful goods ". Nguyen Duc Huy said he felt interested in beautiful and unique digital signages
For the first time owned in a beautiful sea car, he was really happy and happy. "I like to continue the motivation to continue pursuing the path I chose," 9x spread. Nguyen Duc Huy said he likes the best is the Suzuki FX 125 carrying the DOHC engine with the number plate of 5678 progressive hall. Not only fast, strong, Suzuki FX in the 1998-1999 was a model with many new features compared to other motorcycles in the Vietnamese market. When imported to Vietnam, Suzuki FX costs about 50 million VND, some money is not small and only families in the form of a pretense enough to own at the end of the 90s of the last century. Here, when owning dozens of beautiful sea cars of brands such as Suzuki, Honda, he gives the value of this collection today very difficult to price, even though the cars in it are not expensive. Even so, to collect this number, Nguyen Duc Huy also had to spend many effort, money. Nguyen Duc Huy said his collection also smoked the players and passion for other cars and Many people want to buy them again. However, he said he would not intend to sell any one because it was not only an invaluable asset but also the youth pride he had. Not stopping at this number, 9X Ha Thanh said it will continue to buy a beautiful sea car if the car owns the number of English likes

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