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Nguyen Minh Chau is the type of person who has just tried to find a way to understand how he is walking and that is the reason why I am interested in: 00/12: 56 Southern men in the days of cold, in the quarters The collective around the Hanoi people often caught the children sitting in every piece of dried wood into butter tubes and thin fire and held the rope forced two inlets in the butter's mouth, turning up many rings for Fire into a fire for heating. Every time they witnessed those who were both heated and unwind and understood that the fire smoke brought more fun to the boys boys around, I remember the two main characters in the footprint in the soldier's footprint And the first time met. - Don't you like smoke? - Luzily coupled and two wings hooked up to breathe in a way to breathe away - I really like smoke, I could say I used to love it anymore. When I was in my mother, I often scolded myself as an idiot. I go to the edge of the bamboo, everyone who has a lot of vinegar, hun ham, or whatever he burns, I am also right in inhaling inhaling to the smoke spicy smell

. I just stood like that until two eyes turned red and tears flowed around Mi, no longer seeing anything else. Ago, what was interesting, what's wrong, you are crazy? - Don't you notice that smoke is a very important face in the life of human society? In peace or in war all have its own smoke! He once attended school, he didn't remember that the poet's writer described it, and we had to put the lights, crawling, which studied the sentences memorized as half a year of fire flavor or orange smoke fuzzy cloud. Therefore, the best people writing have smoke
.. a happy detail, clearly showing the propaganda of a student with artist, listening to funny ears, even a little weird Goodness, but very remember. After reading, people only think: Must have very well-gifted writers who have a new job to give such a detail. Another case and habit of another case: in the woman on the express train, Nguyen Minh Chau said A young woman's character, her kneeling suddenly felt bored of lover, a son "brave, right, talented, handsome" just because one time she discovered he had sweat hands. " Every time I have to take his hand again on my hand a feeling of stick and coldness. " And then the two people ignored each other. A bad reason - many people wouldn't understand. But many people reading women reading this story say that such fleeting feelings, thought only those of you knew separately, but didn't expect any time to appear on a writer's writer.When Hemingway, Garcia Marquez notes a few details used in Mark Comber's short-lived happiness and he calls it "stupid thoughts that only the bright writers write up"
I don't dare say that the details in Van Nguyen Minh Chau today have reached the level of spirituality, but true in the river mouth and the footsteps of the soldier, the woman on express train and whether the country did not know how much Sundries such a variety, thin, yes; Now where to go, yes, but if missing, it loses all the so-called chapter's own condition. In contrast, the ability to feel and needs to speak with this stupid thing is the ability to know how to capture life with all its ruffled looks, its diversity, and especially the shimmering period Its virtual, thereby forming the so-called literary feeling as people still say.Suy for the same life, a way of feeling such life has been in every ordinary people, but only in artists Fully exploited, to be associated with the ability to use language but do writing talents, a rare talent that sometimes smarter people, more learners want to have no floating. Whoever met with Nguyen Minh Chau remembered these foolishments often gave him randomly, suddenly. Plus the way of speaking, the way to present things images, it makes daily stories, in Nguyen Minh Chau quite attractive. About a friend who has a habit of three right, rather shy, demand An, calculating enough new things, Nguyen Minh Chau said: - If I have to write about this guy, I will describe it standing in a small stone room with a small stone, the floor, both the wall, both The ceiling was equally made up of flowers, and it kept standing in the middle of the room, taking a step back to one step - Let's see, what are you in the row? This step will fall into the row? Once on the need to discuss the need, it is also an inevitable personality of the composition, Nguyen Minh Châu sketches an imaginary image. - Every time I remember the lives of the Ministry Our team in the war years, I think about somewhere on a stage of Western schools

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