Nguyet Anh: ‘i Think Of The Image Going Out To The Balcony And Jump Down’

'Although I try my best, sometimes your baby's health is outside of your control, your child or something I feel nervous', 0:00 / 4: 06 South West here, the program "mind The mother's mother's mother "waved with guests was Nguyet Anh actress. Nguyet Anh was born in 1984, she was famous through many films like the Sun Gate, Slope, Huynh Den River, Magic Family, Han Mac Tu ... She married in 2017 with Indian people named Kilaparthy Eswar Rao

. Show couples living happy with son Nanda in Ho Chi Minh City. In the show, actress confided a lot about pregnancy and giving birth to his first son. In the time of birth I thought I was about to die and died on the first time I knew in pregnancy, Nguyet Anh said, she was unjust Due to the preparation of the same commune for a long time
"My husband is a foreigner, a very important perspective on having children, they don't think," I am Loc Loc for "but planning, preparing big responsibilities Tuberculosis. When work is busy, we define no children. When planning to have children, we "drop", traveling about is pregnant, my husband knows are definitely boys ", Nguyet Anh said . However, when pregnant, the actress still has many work schedules so she tries to work until the day of birth. However, therefore, Nguyet Anh was hemorrhagic, premature births. She said: "The doctor feared that I was prematurely, it was recommended to stop her job. Until a day, I had a red bleeding. In the process of going on business, because the car ran ballasted and shocked, so I felt Get something different. I call to ask your doctor and go to an ultrasound. The doctor says it can't be afraid, forcing me to lie in a place
I am very respectful, even though he's worried Sequate but only care about mental, health, not imposing ". She said, the feeling of pain so much that he didn't want to give birth to the second time, ask the doctor to inject anesthesia but had had a spinal injury during the filming process, so he was often born. She recalled the moment of giving birth to his first child: "I finished living without controlling because of the blood loss. The doctor heated my body again, and I gave me a glass of hot milk. About 15 minutes later, my friend Run. Dr. Wipe the baby and let the baby lie in my chest. I hugged me and led away. I'm not like in books, I just saw like a "meat", felt the breath , Baby's beats and feeling this is my son. Even while giving birth I think I'm going to die, no matter how long it is long to push me. At I'm afraid of the water , Leaving the child in the stomach long, it will be suffocated. Now and ask for a lot of people to think about it. " Promoting breastfeeding. She custodies with breast milk to 2 years old, not too noticeable about the weight or other people's advice. She and the commune also agreed in taking care of her, did not meet the cultural disagreement. "From the beginning to each other, we have identified regardless of Vietnamese culture or culture that are most important Chemistry family. In the course of childcorting, keep in science but do, "the actress said. , pressure. She confided the phase of postpartum depression: "I know myself falls into the depression phase. Although I try my best, sometimes your baby's health is outside of your control, the fever or something I have Feeling stressed. To the level but when I look at the balcony, I think about the image going out and jump down. I share it so that everyone understands the close relationships very important with the mother's mother's mother At that time. I have shared with the commune but not deep. I don't want to bother others, including my relatives because I'm afraid to make people worry about. I only share the surface problems The problem of sinking is still very much ". The actor lives happily after 4 years of marriage. To regain healthy spirit, Nguyet Anh advised mothers to confide with relatives, creating a green space, near The nature of the actress is currently in the age of 3. due to grew up in a multicultural family, so he has a language disorder. "Many mother diaper mothers can tangled between language and self-clerks. The baby understands the Vietnamese, England, his grandparents, parents, but they don't know what language", Nguyet Anh said.

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