Nha Phuong Commented On ‘sister’ Thuy Ngan In ‘running Man’, Changjiang Immediately Prosecuted

Negadians are not only close to Thuy Ngan but also actively support the program 'Running Man Vietnam - play is running' that Changjiang and 'Screen Sisters' (Chau - Apple tree blooms) Join.0: 00/1: 37 Nourunning Man Vietnam - Play is running the first episode in the great interest of the audience. After watching the expression of Thuy Ngan, "the sister twin" Nha Phuong had a special comment on the girl sister and was told by Changjiang to the network: "Nha Phuong said, why is it like a buffalo like you? . Mr. Luan's thesis and posted it to the coal network: "Why do I have to go back here

. Healthy to play." The Fun Interaction of Truong Giang couple shows that Nha Phuong is not only close to Thuy Ngan that she also actively supports the projects that Chau of apple trees blooming with flowers. Real life. Last time, Nha Phuong was entangled in question of directing the film director 1990 "with star disease and lack of cooperation". Finally, the management company of Nha Phuong had to spread the case to clarify the case, it was temporarily temporary. The management company affirmed that the Nha Phuong did with all his duties. After the days " ", Personal page of Nha Phuong spends most articles to promote art activities and share happy life, funny moments with husband and children. Many people admire. Phuong also many times to share the art projects of Truong Giang to support the commune
This makes netizens admire a happy and active marriage life together to develop in the career of Truong Giang - Nha Phuong.

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