Nhu Nhu Nhu Non Night, Yoga Set Keeping

The actress said that eating properly, moving regularly to avoid weight gain when staying at home for many days. At the time of social interpretation, it is like maintaining a diet and practicing reasonable to avoid the risk of increasing Weighing and accumulating excess fat. The actress told Zing: "In the disease season, I don't eat a lot of starchs because it may make it difficult to lose weight". Hinding night, As said she now reduces the amount of starch in meals . Besides, actresses eat lots of vegetables and fruits as well as drinking lots of water

. As a lot of vegetables, fruits and reduced starch consumption to avoid weight gain, accumulation of excess fat. Verywell Fit, rich carbs Starchs, refined carbs tend to contain a lot of green calories.rau, fruits are classified as complex fiber-rich carbs
Eating lots of green vegetables and fruits will feel full for a long time, preventing hunger and craving for snacks. As also adds vitamin C to maintain health, increase the resistance. About daily dining time It is like said: "This stage I don't have to get up soon every day, wake up is to have a lunch with my mother. I have lunch about 11h-12h. I took the next meal at 17h-18h and then didn't eat What if going to bed early. If there is no important job to stay late to do, I will not drink coffee because it causes the body to be alert, hard to sleep and not good for health. "Do you like Yogmas When you're free, like yoga, meditate. "The days without a meeting schedule or filming online, I exercise to release energy. Thus, in the evening I will be easier to sleep and sleep quality is also better," actress said. As for 3 sessions for exercise
Yoga practice helps her release energy, pouring a lot of sweat at home without many exercise tools. Besides, it is likely that the mind is very smart, more pleasant thanks to the American College of Sports Medicine, we should exercise at least 30 minutes / day. Social stretching contributes to the trend of exercising at home or online with the guidance from online fitness coaches. As a routine maintains the habit of practicing yoga to keep a slim shape. Photo: NVCC.C. "Before I didn't go to the public gym and practice with your own yoga teacher or self-practice at home. When exercising in private space, I was comfortable, more comfortable." In the likely, to avoid boredom when practicing at home, we can practice according to the instructor in online videos. Doing so there are people who are encouraging and practicing with themselves. "You can also exercise while listening to music or watching movies. Instead of sitting without watching movies 30 minutes or listening to 3 songs, let's go Dynamic. I think this combination is useful and interesting, "actress stressed. About skin care in the episodes season, like skin care for daytime and night. She chose the appropriate structural cosmetics to ensure that the skin was "breathed", without greasy hiss. As saying: "No need for spa, there are many natural beauty recipes we are easy to proceed at House like masking with cucumber, avocado. In addition, I think the diet also contributes significantly in bringing the skin and beautiful shape ". You need to avoid food when losing weight? Poor healthy diet can cause your body to excess energy and difficult to lose weight.

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