Ninh Binh Pauses Gym Gym, Golf Course Welcomes Guests In The Province

Ninh Binh requires a suspension of gym activities, yoga, gym ...; The golf course is welcomes guests in the province and cannot welcome guests from the area. Before the situation of Covid-19 translation is very complicated in many provinces and cities in the whole country, Ninh Binh province followed a number of measures To prevent Covid-19 epidemic in the whole province

. The time is implemented from 0h on July 22 until a new announcement. Detective, Ninh Binh Province requires a suspension of gym activities, the room exercise, yoga gym, jumping room - aesthetics; Pause service to serve, drink and refreshment in place for customers in the provincial vehicles when moving through the province, only sold goods. Binh Binh pauses some services from 0h on 22 / 7
Complete all passenger operations and contracts from Ninh Binh to the provinces with infections and vice versa; Do not allow long road cars to stop, pay guests along the road in Ninh Binh. For driving to delivering goods, transporting in Ninh Binh must quickly test antigen. For golf operations: Pick up people living in the province. For outsiders: only welcome people with rapid test results in negative or negative Real-Time RT-PCR test paper with SARS-COV-2 within 72 hours or certificate Receive Vaccine Covid-19 Vaccine with 2 noses and do not welcome guests from the locality with SARS-COV-2.Valvent to officers, civil servants, officials and people to minimize the province outside, except Where to go on business. Particularly, medical staff are not allowed to go outside the province, if there is a necessary job, it must apply for the heads of the heads of the agency and direct management units; Heads of agencies and units are responsible for their decisions. Lord (VOV1)

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