Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc Shows His Face Carpentry But Quickly Gets ‘peeled’ Colleagues

Posting photos with Iceplain face, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc did not expect to be colleagues into 'Soi' in a note.0: 00/0: 36 NAMNINH DUONG NGANG NGOC is seen as one of the new "women" of showbiz. Not only scoring with the ability to transform in each role, but the most outstanding beauty, the perfect visual in the year also contributed to her to get a lot of good from the public. New, the actress continues " Drag the interaction "when posting a selfie photo on the personal page with the status line:" Hu! Back to the face ". It is clear that the skin is smooth, the eyebrow pairs are drawn with perfect lips that can't be called "My carpentry"! The photo is not "carpentry" of the actress quickly with the male comedy Strongly, teasing

. The lines are extremely lipstick, only a little lipstick, showing the eyebrows is Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc immediately shining. If you consider it, her carpentry face is also very peak. The skin is strictly stretched with smooth, unexpected, easy to make girls jealous
Beauty is also very difficult to "" comedy "with many difficult moments, but what kind of moment must give praise for super standard carpentry face This adjustment. The "dead" from the bottom up nor off many chin strings ... even if the image with low quality ... or high quality is also stable, showing off white skin, copper color. Should see the ball clearly, strong, the tiny pores .

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