Nissan Almera Costs 469 Million In Vietnam, Cut Off Many Equipment

With a price of VND 469 million in Vietnam, Nissan Almera MT is located in the suspended price in the segment when lower than Toyota Vios MT 9 million VND and higher than 3 standard Hyundai Accent MT, ... 0:00 / 3: 30 nam 0000: 00/07: 53After a short time debuted in Vietnam with 2 automatic versions, Nissan Almera 2021 Number of floors (MT) recently available at many agents with prices 469 million. As usual, this version is taken to quite quietly and not to promote the manufacturer to promote the communication

.Theo noted at agents, Nissan Almera MT cars with 469 million VND, which is lower than in turn VND 60 million compared to the CVT version (VND 529 million) and VND 110 million compared to the high-end CVT version (VND 579 million). Besides, customers who buy cars this time also receive additional incentives of VND 20 million, including directly deducting cash of VND 10 million and giving accessories worth VND10 million.Nissan Almera price of 469 million in Vietnam , cut off multiple equipment
On the selling price, at a price of VND 469 million, the new Nissan Almera MT 2021 is located in the suspended price in the segment when it is lower than Toyota Vios MT (478 million VND 9 million and high More than 3 competitors Hyundai Accent MT standard (426 million VND), Mitsubishi Attrage MT (VND 375 million) and Kia Soluto MT (369 million dong) is VND 43 million, 94 million dong and VND 100 million. For Nissan Almera MT, this version is aimed at the customer using a service car, taxi ... is therefore, comes with a competitive price of only 469 million VND as a series of absences. In That, as a wheels are switched to a simple 15-inch steel tray, traditional halogen lights, no LED positioning lights, rearview mirrors Hips have a turn and folding indicator light, door handles do not have chromium ... Nissan Almera Mt is removed from touch screen, instead of bluetooth connectivity system, usb, aux normally, .
. With the cabin compartment, Nissan Almera MT is removed from the touch screen, instead of a Bluetooth connection system, USB, AUX usually, the steering wheel does not have a functional button, the meter -The no small screen displays information, need 5-level floor number, 4 speakers, sweatshirts, hand-adjusted chairs, keys with keys ... However, Nissan Almera MT still retains the exit. Automatically mix like 2 more advanced versions. In addition, vehicles with different dimensions with DXRXC are 4,495 x 1,740 x 1,460 mm respectively, 155 mm chassis, 2.620 mm wheelbase. Besides, Nissan Almera MT is also lighter than a high-class CVT version of 36 kg, reaching its weight of 1,054 tons.Nissan Almera MT is also lighter than a high-class CVT version of 36 kg, reaching itself to 1,054 tonnes. Nissan Almera MT includes ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD, three, 2 airbags, traction control systems, systems that support horizontal steep departure, electronic balance system. About transmission, Nissan Almera MT Although it is equipped with a booster 1.0L engine with a more advanced version but gives a little higher strength. Specifically, vehicles produce 98.6 horsepower capacity and 160 nm torque, higher than 8 nm than 2 versions using automatic gearboxes. This power is transmitted to 2 front wheels through the 5-level floor gearbox.

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