Nissan Note Aura Nismo 2021 – ‘rival’ Toyota Yaris And Honda Jazz

After the Nissan Note Aura 2021 launched, the Japanese Nissan car company unveiled the Nismo version for this model with a sports design with a typical color scheme. This will be the 'opponent' Toyota Yaris and Honda Jazz. Each Nissan sample after crossing NISMO has impressive impressions on exterior design as well as possessing some more performance upgrades. In addition, the new Nissan Note Aura 2021 comes with Nissan's E-Power electronic drive system, a transformation of Nissan in the future brand electrochemical target.Nissan Note Aura Nismo sports is designed Inspired by Nissan's Formula E cars and simultaneously integrated with the specific details in the design of the Nismo

. However, next to the main sports design elements are The combination is harmonized with the street use features conveniently for users. Note Aura Nismo promises to provide a better steering experience with stable handling, faster reactions as well as impressive acceleration for a new urban hatchback.Nismo of NOTE AURA NOTE Complete harmony between the original details and Nismo's upgrades
Compared to the original Aura Note, the Nismo version is replaced a series of details such as Capo lid, front bumper, hip, the rear bumper as well as the rear wind wings. The front bumper of the car is backed with two sides of the two sides barring the angular, the previous component is seamlessly added with the upper barrier contour. The bottom wind of the vehicle is expanded, two lights under the bumper Also collapsed compared to the usual aura note. In addition, the previous red border is similar to the common details on the NISSAN NISMO.líp's hip versions of the vehicle are also replaced with the sports design, better. The rear bumper details of the car are fully modified with the rears of the rears higher and the horizontal diffuser is placed below. The car is equipped with two wind holes on both sides of the barrier to the lower part. In the middle of the rear bumper is also installed a warning lamp similar to common details on racing cars. Overall, Nismo has been very successful in redesering the tail of the urban hatchback. In addition, the previous capo cap of the car is also replaced and the car is also equipped with a larger rear-winded wing to eat in the overall appearance
The car is equipped with a 17-inch black-painted tray and is diamond cut some details. In different color schemes, the edging parts of the previous curriculum, the hips and the following are red border and tiles The rearview mirror is also reduced in the spirit of Nissan Nismo. According to Nissan, the upgraded details of the NISMO version are effective in increasing the aerodynamics of the vehicle as well as helping the car more stable when running at high speed. The interior of the front of the front seat is set next to the form of racing seats are wrapped with two red dedicated fabrics and synthetic leather to bring the feeling of excitement to the driver. . The steering wheel of the car is also wrapped with red stitches, the center of the steering wheel is also reduced into the same feeling of the real sports cars.Note Aura Nismo is equipped with the second generation E-Power system Combined with a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder engine and a pair of electric motor. With this system equipped, the car has the ability to produce a capacity of 134 horsepower and 300 nm torque. Nismo is equipped with three driving modes, including Nismo mode that provides better response and Improved acceleration, normal mode (Normal Mode) and Eco Mode (Eco Mode) are specifically adjusted for this model and bring more comfortable driving. Nissan gives customers 5 exterior color options for cars with 4 combined tones. NISSAN NOTE AURA NISMO 2021 car price is currently not officially announced.Video: Introducing Nissan Note Aura Nismo 2021 completely new.

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