Nissan Recruits An Engineer Only To Evaluate The Smell Of New Cars

Recently, Nissan recruited an engineer separately to perform the mission to evaluate the smell of new models so that the most pleasant instance.02 / 1: 21 South cars are the result of synthesizing the smells Chemicals used to create a car such as plastic, skin or felt ... And according to the research of experts, the new car smell is not good for health and it plays a big role for a car

. So Nissan said what the customer smelled on a car is very important, so they recruited Peter Karl Eastland - the chief engineer rated the smell. Eastland holds a master's degree in chemistry forensic science at Leicester University, United Kingdom; Furthermore, he also owns the extremely sensitive olfactory.Peter Karl Eastland is fundamentally, Eastland's work is to smell new cars and their interior components before they are launched
And the latest model he made this work was the new Nissan Qashqai. In addition, Peter Karl Eastland also plays a role in ensuring that the materials are selected to create the most pleasant odor.Eastland said: "Part of our job is to ensure any material Nissan is always perfect for scent and harmony with the senses. With any new changes or designs, the pleasant scents are also part of the evaluation process next to the use efficiency ". Nissan Qashqai's samples are evaluated by Peter Karl Eastland before selling market .Ans the odor evaluation. Of course, this is not a completely new concept - Audi has previously hired a team to evaluate the scent on their cars ./. CTV Hieu Nguyen / Vov.Vn According to Carscoops

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