Nissan Z Coupe New Generation Unexpectedly Released

Japanese sports car village symbol is Nissan Z officially returned to the new generation after more than a decade of forgotten downloads.02: 00/2: 08 namsau domain 12 years waiting, Nissan Z the 7th generation The village, which is a passionate world of Japanese cars. The production version is not much different from the Z Proto introduced last year, the easy-to-recognizable change point in the wind wings integrated on the cork cap. At the time of launch, Nissan Z has 2 configurations of Sport and Performance The premium Proto Spec limited was inspired by the Concept itself last year. The car design was no longer strange to those who followed the line of names when not much different with the Concept as well as a leakage test at the beginning of the year

. Total, Z coupe has a long hood with these Muscles and styles still keep the reverence of the first generation Z. The controversial square grille on proto retains, while angled design headlights and long-sleeved LED lights, breeds Fairlady 240ZG in 1970. Exterior with 3 monochrome colors and 6 two-card selections color
nissan z coupe new generation. Photo: Nissan Nissan Z Furniture continues to combine classic styles with modern equipment. Sports seats are taken from the British GT-R with a high-end black cloth on the Performance version. Traditional watch clock is a part of 240z inspired placed on the 8-inch touch screen (9 on a premium configuration) that supports satellite navigation and Wi-Fi Hotspot while in front of the driver is the table Nissan Z Coupe's Nissan Z Coupe is located in a double-tech 3.0 V6 engine, with a capacity of 400 horsepower, maximum torque of 475 nm, this figure is stronger than Toyota Supra. Two gearbox options, including 6-level floor (6MT) rear wheel drive, with advanced boot control system and 9-speed automatic transmission version (9AT). The floor number has a synthetic carbon fiber transmission shaft and a tassel coupling. The new generation of Nissan Z generation Z is not a completely new form that is only the improvement from the old 370Z with promising "improving hard structure Overall "Nissan's, supported by modern suspension and electronic steering technology.Nissan Z has not yet announced a specific price, but the company leads the car to start" around 40,000 USD ". The company will start receiving applications and launching new generation from 2022
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