Nissan Z Was Released, The Opponent Of Toyota Supra

Nissan Z was developed from the Nissan Z Proto test version, with a starting price of about 40,000 USD.Nissan Z Coupe 2023 officially revealed after nearly 1 year the car from Japan introduced the original Nissan Z Proto. This is the successor of Nissan 370Z.Nissan Z to own the typical design of the classic Z-Car sports cars with a prolonged capo cap design, the same hood of the luggage compartment. LED daylife light strip, rectangular grille design are inspired directly from the Fairlady 240zg model of the 70

.LOGO Z is ordered in C columns as a successoring characteristics from the samples Pre-generation car.So with Z proto version, Nissan Z 2023 Own small wind surfing wings located on luggage compartment lid. Multi-stage design and 3D visual effects, based on the design of Nissan 300zx Z32 launched in 1992
Nissan Z has 6 2-tone exterior options: Silver Brilliant Silver, Gray Boulder Gray, Seiran Blue Blue, Yellow Ikazuchi Yellow, Red Passion Red and White Everest White. 3 1-tone exterptions include Black Black Diamond, Gun Metallic and Rosewood Metallic. Nissan Z Furniture is a combination of classic and modern. Taplo TFT clock size 12.3 inches Allow changes 3 The driver's desired interface. The 8-inch-sized sensor center, supporting smartphone connection. A common feature of the Z-Car line is a set of 3 analog clocks showing parameters Turbochargy, turbo speed and voltage effect. Number with new design makes it easier to hold the grip. The car is still equipped with a mechanical hand winning system. The car furniture has 3 color options of graphite, red and blue
The special version Proto Spec has interior with the details of the gold contrast. In the US, Nissan Z is distributed with 3 versions: Sport, Performance and Proto Spec. Special version Proto spec is produced limited to 240 The global .So with the remaining 2 versions, proto spec has a copper color tray, brake clamp, the interior has the details of the gold contrast. The 3 versions use the V6 Twin Turbo engine capacity 3.0L, capacity of 405 horsepower and 475 nm torque. 6-level floor number is a large plus point for Japanese car enthusiasts. Customers can still choose the version equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission. Performance version uses a 6-speed manual gearbox with the Launch Assist Control function to make a more smooth departure. The 9-level automatic transmission is equipped with standard Launch Control system. The Nissan Z's post is made from carbon fiber material - composite. Compared to 370Z, the details such as chassis, cooling systems, suspension systems ... are also newly upgraded. The version uses a 9-level gearbox automatically with 2 driving modes: Standard and Sport. Between 2 modes, the driver can feel the difference in power, gas sensitivity, sound exhaust system ... The suspension of the vehicle has a larger diameter of the lobby, helping to bring a feeling Good drive as well as the flexibility of the vehicle when operating. The Sport version uses an 18-inch tray, while the Performance and Proto Spec version uses a 19-inch tray. Nissan Z uses a 4-piston brake system in the previous bridge and 2 pistons for the following demand. The price of Nissan Z 2023 is predicted about $ 40,000. In the US, Nissan Z will be handed over to customers in early 2022. Nissan will launch this model in the Japanese market called Fairlady Z at the end of this year.Minh Anh: Nissan

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