No Longer ‘falling’ The Chin, Liu Yifei In The Latest Sneaky Photos Filled With Gas

I don't eat gorgeous, but the beauty despite the sneaking camera of Liu Yifei still enough to help her become the most sought nation of the billionaire today.0: 00/2: 01 South Vietnam One of the Chinese goddesses is very often "drowned" through the road lens, Luu Yifei is the name always on the list. Although it is always praised with the prayer appearance and the quality of teenagers, but because weighing up and down the erratically, many times, the beauty of the Dai Hiep makes a long-time fans must be disappointed. Weight gain as a face-to-face face, Liu Yifei was passed by the team to record the moment of yawn to "fall" the chin of the chin. At some entertainment events, the true beauty of 8x beauties are not beautiful Linen compared to the edit image only because 2 words gained weight

. Even, during a period of weight gain, she was still in a shape with the remote fat back with the photo of the studio posted. Naturally most recently, when appearing at a commercial center for shopping, "fairly billion billion" succeeded to regain what was lost. It is no longer illuminated or shaped, the beauty is often simple but still exudes the high quality of the actress of actress in the actress in a sneaky lens
, Chinese beauties do not flutter the skirt of the momentum but dress all the best, simply the same blazer shirt with the "tree" black inner. Besides, Liu Yifei for long black hair Let go of non-styling. Although wearing a large sunglasses, but the five bars with a high nose life, the messy mold is still enough to "attract" every glance. The bright face of her still enough to emit glitter light in low quality images. When the series of shared photos, the Vietnamese network community must also be "crusty" in front of the peak, medium As's gentle actress they save. Don't stop there, no matter whether or her lipstick, but the white skin glows with the shiny black hair of Liu Yifei still covering the weaving. Really, between Hoa Ngu entertainment village Gather a lot of beauty, but not everyone is called "billionairing billion" as Liu Yifei. Besides the natural use of thousands of years there is a bright white skin and the smooth hair stream of a small female Tieu Long is also a "extreme" beauty that helps Liu Yifei successfully maintain its position in Cbiz for many years Through anything private, the glowing white skin of Liu Yifei has never made fans disappointed. Following the past year, actress is also one of the few medium medium screen gods Together with long hair is styled simply and stained with dark color. Billion "must also pay great attention to taking care of the meticulousness
Luu Yifei Washing face with gas with gas is one of the most impressive skin care methods ever shared by she to use gas water with gas to Wash your face every morning. Compared to normal filter water, the pH of carbonated mineral water is 5.5 compatible with the skin. As a result, the external protective layer of the skin is not abrasive, causing the lane to be healthy and clean. The first secret to help her keep the skin not age even though it was in addition to 30. Luu Nuoi Hair according to the blind weather changed into the seasons also caused her hair to face changes. Therefore, the actress "Mong Hoa" prioritizes seasonal hair care. Specifically in the summer, she the sunlight could dry her hair dry and fragile because the hair was dehydrated, thus sun protection for his hair carefully is not to be missed. For winter, Luu Yifei often drinks plenty of water, eating fruits and soups to supplement nutrition for hair less drying. Where is the busy work, the actress usually goes to the spa to improve the definition Healthy intensive for hair or self-made masks to nurture hair extra smooth, shiny

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