No Need For Beauty Salons, Beautiful Actors To Eat Only A Small White Skin Like Pearl

Although congenital does not own smooth white skin, he Tian'er knows how to whiten the skin right from his diet.0: 00/2: 21 nu southern people who are always known for The shining skin is spotless. But those who watched her old photos realized that she didn't own congenital bright skin. She ever revealed a skin lightening method by eating her very unique dragon fruit. Let's consult this white actress's white skin care secret! He tian'e possesses bright white skin

. (Source of IG photo) Even before, she possessed the secret skin. (Photo IG) Beautiful actress once posted a video and revealed that she eated both dragon fruits to whiten the skin. "Many people only eat the dragon fruit but actually the dragon fruits contain a lot of beetatin essences so I eat a red dragon fruit with more than 10 years ago
This dragon fruit helps me get a natural pink skin . Everyone please try it, "the actress said. (Photo IG) in the video, she stressed to eat dragon fruits can whiten skin, antioxidant but eating separate dragon fruits will contain plenty of water and sugar. Girlfriend who wants to have beautiful skin, so eat the whole part of the dragon fruit. (Photo Ig) According to He Tian'er, dragon fruit is rich in fiber, helping to push peptic, anti-constipation. Seeds of this fruit also contain antioxidant-polyphenols, vitamin C and multi-saturated fatty acids. In addition, Thanh Long fruit also has a strong antioxidant function, helping the body against free radicals, wealth Good quality of skin, anti-aging, preventing many chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular. In addition, vitamin C contained in dragon fruits not only has antioxidant characteristics but also helps promote collagen synthesis in the body and maintain healthy skin. That intestinal dragon fruit contains red betacyanin like sugar beets, having a higher antioxidant than the white intestine. (Photo of the Internet) Like apple shells, kiwi, peaches and other fruits, dragon fruits Very rich in natural antioxidants
There are no scientific evidence that the dragon fruit shell is harmful to eat. However, in the first time to eat dragon fruit, you need to pay attention to watching your body with sensitive or non-sympathy skin from the dragon fruit of the actress he Tian'er: the material needs standard Being: - 150ml of boiling water to cool - half a fruit of the red pepper-half banana - 50ml of soybean milk, do: - Use a knife to separate the dragon fruit and a part of the shell inside the dragon fruit bowl. Bananas for bowls - for fruits that have been processed into glass cups - Finally, add water, rock and soy milk into the cup, mix well and enjoy Binh Trang / according to Beauty321

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