No Need To Use Weight Loss Pills, Girls ‘fats Like Dinosaurs’ Share The Secret Decrease By 31kg In 2 Months

Too wish to lose weight, many girls have taken weight loss pills. But this is how to make a 'adverse benefit'.0: 00/2: 41 south in this year, many people have to quit their jobs or work at home. Many girls lamented that at home so much made them gain weight quickly. They argued that eating too much at home and less movement made their weight increased without stopping

. A girl in Korea Name Han Wei shared his weight loss journey. It is known that she used to own oversized body, weighing 93kg. Too wearing her body, Han Wei decided to lose weight by practicing and eating healthy
After 2 months at the translation, Han Wei made everyone surprised when it was reduced to 31kg, from 93kg to 62kg. The same point through the gold secrets to help her lose weight so much. Your girlfriend enlist the time at home avoids the translation to lose weight and quickly "transform"! Never take weight loss pills this is "bloody tone" that Han Wei has been drawn. Because she used to use weight loss pills and her weight quickly rebounded. Weight loss pills will help girls lose weight quickly thanks to dropping water but when stopping drinking, girls are easily gathered again. So Han Wei advised his girlfriends not to go off. Be determined to lose weight with traditional weight loss methods. It's a lot of water and take a small sip every day Mahan Wei drink at least 3 liters of water every day. She recommends girls to take small sips. Drink plenty of water to help the body speed up metabolism and detoxification
In addition, drinking plenty of water helps her to go to the toilet many times a day. This is also a way to exercise well. Add hot tea boiled water, you can drink Matcha and buckwheat tea. Matcha tea can not only prevent the body's ability to absorb the oil, but also promote intestinal pertussiness and fat burning and fat reduction. Buckwheat tea can beautify the skin, purify the body. These are two types of teas that help girls lose weight effectively. "Detox" snacks, dinner and freshwater This is the biggest enemy of girls in weight loss. No matter how much exercise and weight loss, if you don't give up this 3 things, your weight is easy to increase instead of reducing the fruit in the half session in the time of weight loss Han Mei's half session is very simple. She usually only eat 1 apple and 2 bananas. These fruits will help girls lose weight quickly without being too hungry, hypoglycemia. Only drinking water after 6 pm to lose weight effectively, Han Wei does not eat any solid food after 6 pm. Even when she was very hungry, she only drank water, milk or soup. Fitness at home every day in the house at home, girls don't forget to exercise at home every day. Before going to bed, girlfriend Don't forget to practice Squats exercises, lunges at least 50 times. Huynh Trang / According to Sundaymore

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