No Shimmering Like Photoshop, Lam Nhan Nhan Nhu Real Life Is Confused

Once again, Lam Tam was disappointed with people who were lover when he was exposed to the real beauty in the unused image. The topic is note. Because she usually falls into a critical situation, at the same time, the young is beautiful, the old age is less than the last time, when it appears at a movie, Lam Tam's event continues to suffer Screening looks differently in self-filming. Specifically, the film actress "Hoan Chau How to" has done many people surprised with the face to clear the signs of aging in the team lens through the road. In the series of unreaded photos are released, saggy skin Poor firms make Visual of a mother's mother "more"

. Just make a fresh smile, instead of 2 dimples, what the most attention is that the 2 sides of the cheeks emulating the "dragon beard" is quite deep. Where the appearance is, the death of the elephant cannot escape the impact of time wheels. It seems that the body is always slender and rustic, the rustic skin of the actress is always a big problem
Although the skin is still bright and the face is not many shortcomings like acne, scars, The bruises ... but the skin of the beauty of Lam Lam was rated as wrinkled, sagging. The "Dragon Beard" section is clearly one of the characteristics that reveal the real age of a mother's mother. It can be said, with beauty in the entertainment industry, having a young beauty, full of vitality Is the dream of a lot of people. Therefore, many mandarins always choose how aesthetic surgery to pull Thanh Xuan age. However, with Lam Tam, she chooses a deputy to wear aging to nature and says no to the beauty methods touching "cutlery" or high technology. With women outside the week of weeks like Lam Tam Nhu , the sign of he is the problem that everyone faces and is hard to hide. Depending on how you choose "living together" or "eradicating", you can shine in your own way
With Lam Nhu, instead of flying signs of age with cutlery intervention , actresses pulled the beauty of the skin with natural skin care formulas. Accordingly, the mother a child always uses masks made from honey, egg whites and oats to have smooth bright skin, small pores. Thanks for skin care with healthy natural methods, Her skin achieved even thoughts and smooth brightness desperately wearing a beard beard, high chapters. Behear, you can find high-tech beauty methods to "fly" These age signs. Accordingly, the most common measure to clear the cheek groove is to use filler filling. Filler was injected into this area to stretch the skin, flattened in a deep hole. However, Filler does not have permanent results that dissipates after a period of time existing through the inhibition of endogenous decomposition enzymes. Customs in the fields and the quality of the Filler type you use, you can hold Get smooth skin for a period of 6 to 18 months.

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