Nobel Peace 2021 Found The Owner, Activists For Freedom Of Speech Is Honored

In the afternoon of October 8, the Norwegian Nobel Commission has named the owner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.General Disposer Nobel Peace Prize 2021. (Source: Nobel Prize) Accordingly, the Nobel Prize in Peace 2021 belongs home Philippine American Report Maria Ressa and Russian Journalist Dmitry Muratov "Because of the effort in protecting freedom of speech, which is a prerequisite for long-term democracy and peace. 2020, Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) "for contributing to the process of fighting hunger globally" .Nobel Hoa Binh is a prestigious award awarded every year for individuals or episodes Can contribute a great contribution to the world peace

. This is the 5th Nobel Prize in the Nobel season in 2021. Before that, in the days from 4-7 / 10, the owner of the Nobel Medicine Prize, Physics, chemistry and literature have been named in turn. (According to Nobel Prize)

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