Nobel Prize In Peace 2021 Officially Calling The Name 2 Alarm Indicators

On the afternoon of October 8 (Vietnam Time), the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 was awarded to two investigative journalists Maria Ressa (Filipino Americans) and Dmitry Muratov (Russians) for efforts to protect themselves Due to the speech. Dmitry Muratov is the editor of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper, which is evaluated by the Protection Committee of the Journalists as the "influential critical newspaper in Russia" today. Maria Ressa is the co-founder of the Philippines Rappler news page, which contributes a great contribution to the anti-fake news on social networks. Nobel Peace is one of the most prestigious awards and attracting attention public opinion, to honor individuals and organizations plays a role in promoting peace. There are 329 candidates who are nominated for Nobel Peace League this year, including 234 individuals and 95 organizations

.Hai Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. Photo: before by 2020, Nobel Prize Binh was awarded to the World Food Program (WFP) because of the tireless efforts of this International Organization to fight hunger and facilitate peace to promote peace in conflict areas
Nobel harmony Binh was held for the first time in 1901 and so far there were a total of 101 prizes awarded. There are 25 organizations and 17 women who are the owner of the Nobel Peace Prize ./. Hong Anh / (translation) Thoe CNN

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