Nobody Than Mr. Park!

In the noise of public opinion about Coach Park Hang-seo and the Vietnamese team after recent losses, Minh Xuong Group Football expert has a very specific analytical opinion 9: 00/4: 08 The South Vietnam team has four matches of the last World Cup 2022 qualifying, but not so that denies the dedication of Korean teachers. According to a football expert in Minh Xuong delegation, through four losses, it reflected the qualifications of the national team and the class of a football background. The shortcomings and limitations of the Vietnam team have revealed the most importantly, accumulating and have a orientation for future goals. Photo: AFC and VFFThua team strongly accumulating more weak teams to lose this is normal, nothing is terrible, only more ominous than belonging to football, not the fault of Mr. Park

. Vietnam team loses to stronger teams that will accumulate more lessons than winning weak teams. Also admitted to the time of PARK PARK PARK FOOD, such as A-Hiep Loss in Saudi Arabia 1 -3 or 2nd half leaving Australia 0-1; Then at the last 15 minutes of the Chinese battle, the first half of the Oman match was good .
. seeking how to last that time. From now until 2030 of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

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