Noodle Soup

My hometown has a career cooking. This profession has never remembered, only from the time I knew how to cook. My grandfather was the provincial guest house and used to have an honor to cook Uncle Ho enjoy when he was still alive. I have a pho cooking career. This profession has never remembered, only from the time I knew how to cook

. My grandfather was a provincial guesthouse chef and used to have an honor to cook Uncle Ho to enjoy when he was still alive. I said: delicious noodle is by delicious water, wanting delicious water, the chef must choose to choose bones Cows, pig bones (depending on the proportion that the chef used as many pig bones, or not). Tube bone is a specialized bone to cook noodle water
Bone brought about using a dumbbell hammer, rinse into boiled boil then brought it out to remove all the fat veins and then soak half a day, change the water several times and put it into the flooded pot with ginger, onion, salt Tunnel. Wanting in the inside water, when boiling a workmen must run out of foam and incubate the kitchen, a small night, a night must wake up 3-4 times to rhyme the bone water to cool and cold down the kitchen. Pot of water bone from 6-8 hours, adding devotional or dry squid (depending on the house) for sweetness. In the past, for the couple. It will then be decant to another pot, at this time the spices will be put as a while, cinnamon, the tastes grilled on the bag to make it easy to remove. The rate depends on the secret of each house to take its own taste for his pho bowl. When Ninh Xuong people will drop the bucket, buttocks have soaked in the whole blood to boil, the bucket must have boiled from 2-3 hours to cool out to cool. When the pieces of thin buckets are tanged and soft in their mouths. The beef makes it re-chose to choose the lean butt. The miniwriter and then used a knife gradually thoroughly, then took a strong knife to form a meat and gently crushed on the bowl
Good chefs at meat will dance knives into hashing, creating a very funny music. I write here. Invite the people to read my child's poetry - Quang Xuan QuangPreate .... Easy to be in the south, in the North, the Vietnamese noodle noodle dish, the thing came to the great quan, brightened Pho bowl ... Say.To Drive Airplane, Warship, On The Beach On The Sea, in the middle of the sky, in the morning of my noodle pho, go to the sea .. Silence, go to heaven .. Yen. Ployed, it is very plung to eat, bringing a bowl of noodles full, intellectual, right at the moment of tenth. Foot, righteous bowl of ribbed noodles .... Healthy. The gambling is gambling in the day, the thin man, the bare, anxiety, brightly bang the bucket, chan adds fat water .. all the big belly is the big belly, a heavy step, the starring, inviting you to eat stir-fried noodles, lots of vegetables, remove meat to eat ... lose weight. Farmers are difficult five jars, plow, plow, invite to the noodle noodle here, batter nine nine cakes .. no matter the world likes the noodle, delicious sweetness at the public, soon Ng, Lo sat, the water added sweet, my shop .... expensive goods ... !!!! I ask for advertising to advertise my hometown for my country ...? !! Constant

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