Nord Stream 2: The Deserved Result Of Putin-merkel Duo

Russia-Germany completed the project 'Northern Flow 2' and which power is difficult to prevent NORD Stream 2 through the air to Europe.Nga and Germany have completed physical work for construction projects Build gas routes "Northern Flow-2" (NORD STREAM 2). According to the announcement on the official Telegram channel of Gazprom, the construction of the gas pipeline has been completed on the morning of September 10, and the publication of the Chairman of Gazprom Alexei Miller Board of Directors, the construction of gas pipelines " The Northern-2 "Finished Flow at 08h45 Hours Moscow (12h45 Hanoi Hours) on September 10." Northern Flow-2 "is a system of construction systems with 2 gas pipelines placed under Baltic seabed, running from Russia to Germany with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. It is expected that the gas volume provided by 2021 (starting in October) can be up to 5

.6 billion cubic meters. Believe on this event, Duma National President (House of Representatives) Russia Viacheslav Volodin has compared Compare the meaning of the NORD STREAM 2 construction project with Crimea bridge construction. The Russian Federal National Duma President stressed that the project "Northern Flow-2" is equivalent to the construction Building BAM Bridge and Crimea Bridge, and consumers in European countries will benefit the most from the implementation of this project
Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Prime Minister Angela Merkel have tried to successfully protect the project NORD STREAM 2 "... For Russia," North-2 Flow "is equivalent to the construction of BAM Bridge and Crimea Bridge. This is a large-scale project, within the framework of this project we will expand the market to provide its products and consumers will receive high quality and cheap gases. In understandable, economic projects and everyone benefit from it, "Volodin wrote on Telegram. Russian clinics also revealed more about the context of the project and answering questions" Who initiated the construction of "North-2 Flow"? "... We know from the media that" North-2 flow "is performed with other countries
Nobody talked about the author of the project and he would definitely not tell himself. Illustration of the project, from the idea to the roadmap for the pipeline, is our President "- Volodin said. He stressed that the telephone war between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head of Gazprom Alexei Miller on the implementation of the project took place on the way to the airport, at that time, the proposals on "Northern Line-2" were launched. The proposal not only stated the short length of the short length of The pipeline, but also in compliance with all environmental safety requirements. Mr. Volodin said, this is a cleaner project, because the amount of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere is less than 5.6 times compared to the gas pipeline passing through Ukraine. However, the Russian politician also noticed A character also has a great contribution to the completion of this project, in difficult political conditions for the European Union, from sanctions, the lobbying of the United States - the country wants to supply Liquefied natural gas (LNG) gases are more expensive for the European Union. Volodin emphasizes that, it is necessary to express respect for German Prime Minister Angela Merkel, because she fiercely confronts America And some other allies to protect German national interests, the benefits of not only German citizens but also of European countries.

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