Nord Stream 2 The Risk Of Turning Into Ruins?

Mr. Reinhard Butikofer, German Senator, Chairman of the Mission relations with China in the European Parliament (EP) recently threatened Nord Stream 2 (Northern Flow 2) with turning this project into a 'pile Dampling investment '. "If the German Federal Network Agency (BNA) approved the test of Russia's gas pipeline, the European Commission could still stop operating this project. If there are strong arguments to support the fact that BNA's positive decision violates the Energy Law of the European Union (EU), the project can turn into a ruined investment, "said Bütikofer in Interview with German DPA news agency.Theo Mr

. Butikofer, Russia has not provided conditions related to separating organizations to participate in the production and transportation of gas through the pipeline.NORD stream has faced many Criticism from the US, Ukraine and some other countries due to European concerns will be increasingly dependent on Russia's energy supply. (Photo: NORD STREAM 2) Before that, the German Federal Network Agency said that this agency has 4 months to complete the Operating License of NORD STREAM 2 gas pipeline system after receiving enough records Needed from NORD Stream 2 AG Operating Company From 8 / 9
After completing the inspection, BNA will send a draft License Decision to the European Commission (EC) to consider. The agency representative said the European Commission does not have the right to veto but their opinions will be considered. "The German Federal Network Agency will consider the position of the European Commission especially Body, when making the final decision, "this official said. It is known that the NORD Stream 2 AG certification as an independent transport operator is a compulsory conditions according to the gas instructions of the gas EU. The Gazprom delegation was allowed to have planned to transport the first gas to Germany in early October, but it seems that this plan is difficult to implement when not being approved by BNA, because NORD Stream 2 AG has It is possible to be punished if deliberately starting the transportation of gas while the application for operating permission is waiting for treatment. 10/9, Gazprom announced the completion of the construction of the pipeline from Russia to Germany, accordingly allowed Moscow doubles the amount of gas exported to Europe through the baltic sea. According to the project operator, the new pipeline can transport up to 55 billion cubic meters of gas every year, enough to supply c Incubation for 26 million households. Although German management agencies have yet to explore gas streams, the completion of the construction phase means that Russia has enhanced the ability to export energy to Chau Europe from the north of the Baltic Sea and from the Black Sea. Binh Binh (Translation)

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