North Korea Criticized The Us ‘extremely Dangerous Action’

North Korea criticized the US's decision to provide a nuclear energy-powered submarine to Australia and warned about unknown countermeasures if they found the agreement to affect the security of Korea.Aukus will supply granted Australia A fleet consisting at least 8 nuclear energy submarines. North Korean state communication on Monday has posted comments from an unnamed traditional official official, call the middle agreement America, England and Australia (Aukus) are a "extremely dangerous action" that will destroy the security balance in Asia-Pacific and activate "chain reaction of armed races" .quan This position said North Korea is closely examining the agreement and will conduct the corresponding actions if it has "negative effects even the smallest to the safety of our country". US mini Joe Biden revealed a new alliance including USA, Australia and he would provide a Australian fleet of at least 8 powered submarines Nuclear amounts

. Mr. Biden stressed that the vessels will be equipped with conventional weapons. This report has caused anger reactions from France, the country alleged Australia to hide the intention to support the contract worth $ 90 billion in Australia ( 66 billion USD) for Naval Group owned by France to pay 12 conventional diesel-electric submarines
Prime Minister Australia Scott Morrison has blamed this conversion because the strategic environment is deteriorating in India Duong - Pacific, a clear guide shows that the construction of China's giant military has achieved speed in recent years. Korean officials mentioned clearly to French complaints, Saying that the United States is accused of stabbing behind his allies. This official said North Korea supports the views of China and other countries that the agreement will destroy "regional peace and security, the system does not disseminate international nuclear weapons and increase the events Run arms "." The current situation again shows the efforts (our) to enhance national defense based on a long-term perspective should not be loosen even a little ", This official told the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The first has suspended the trial of nuclear bombs and cross-continental ballistic missiles that can attack US land since 2018 when the leader Kim Jong Un begins to conduct diplomatic activities with former President Donald Trump while trying to take advantage of his arsenal to get a punishment orders. Nuclear negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang have been Slicing since the meeting between President Trump and President Kim was the second collapsed in 2019, when Americans refused North Korea's request The slight reduction of sanctions in exchange for removing a nuclear base of Korea. In maintaining an automatic ban on nuclear tests and ballistic missiles, North Korea has continued to try Experimental shorter weapons to put pressure on the Biden government on stalled foreign policy. In this month, North Korea tested a new cruise missile that they plan to equip nuclear warheads and submit Speaking a new system to launch ballistic missiles from trains. Minh (According to ABC News)

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