North Korea Does Not Receive Korean Calls On The 3rd Consecutive Day

The Korean side on August 12 said, North Korea did not answer hotline calls from Seoul on the 3rd consecutive day. The loss of connection occurs only 2 weeks after the communication hotline is restored after more than 1 year. Korean media, the uniform set and the Korean army on August 12 said, at 9 o'clock In the morning of the same local day and time, the Korean side made daily phone calls with North Korea via the inter-Korean contact office and the military communication line at the sea, but the Korean did not answer. The two sides conducted periodic calls after Lien Trieu communication channel was rebooted on 27/7.Tou Tien Tien did not receive Korean calls on the 3rd consecutive day

. Photo: Aptuy course, since August 10 South Korea and the United States begins the "crisis management advisory advisory" lasting (10 - 13/8) and is expected to hold a "training Mixed commanding departments "(CCPT) from 16-26 / 8, North Korea has launched a series of declarations to condemn US-Korea general rehearsals, and do not answer the Korean phone calls 3rd consecutive day. Kim Yo-jong, Vice Chairman of the Korean Labor Party Propaganda Committee on January 1 and August 10, in turn launched the statement, warning Korea did not organize exercises With the US, thinking that these exercises reflect Washington's aggression policy, while warning Korea will further strengthen defense capabilities and attack the head. Name, August 11, Mr
Kim Yong-Chol, the head of the Korean Unified Front also condemned American - Korean common exercises to increase stress in the region and claim Seoul will have to pay expensive prices when responding to goodwill of Binh Enemy by enemy The enemy after missing the opportunity to improve inter-Korean relations. According to the Korean Union General Staff Council, there is no unusual move from the Korean army. Korean and American intelligence agencies are closely monitoring related developments./.Pv/vov-mP

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