North Korea Launches Missiles When Chinese Foreign Ministers Are Visiting Korea

The meeting between the Korean President and Chinese Foreign Minister began not long before the North Korean information launched two ballistic missiles into the Japanese sea. Korean President Kim Jong-un. Photo: APT Korea South Korea Moon Jae-in this morning, September 15, with a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang in Seoul. Attitude of the meeting lasted 40 minutes, Mr. Moon noted about the role and closed Beijing's contribution to the Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula

. "Our government will join the international community, including China, attempting to go to the african target of the Korean island and Setting up peace, "Mr. Moon said. South Korean president said he expects strategic cooperation partnerships between Seoul and Beijing will be raised to a new level, based on the agreement reaches In the summit with Chinese President to practice the NEW
Repeated, Foreign Minister King said, "The Chinese-Korean relationship is developing in a better direction." "Covid-19 pandemic has deepened Add our friendship. The cooperation of pandemic control between the two countries has become a typical international, "Mr. Vuong said. Moon President (right) and Foreign Minister Vuong (left) in Meeting in Seoul on September 15. Photo: Yonhap was also on the morning of September 15, North Korea launched two bullets into the Japanese Sea, continuing to escalate stress after conducting a number of long-range cruise missiles. Before. Schedule from Korea on Korean rocket launchers, Mr. Vuong expressed hope that all countries will do useful things for peace and stability on the peninsula. "" Only Korea, other countries are also military activities
Therefore, we all have to work together to continue dialogue, "Mr. Vuong said. The Korean President Moon Jae-in has heard a report from the Korean National Security Director Suh Hoon about the new test Best of Pyongyang.cheong Wa Dae also plans to organize a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Security Council (NSC) at the end of the day. Before that, on September 14, the US, Korean envoys Quoc and Japan met to discuss Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile program. Head of the US delegation, Sung Kim, said that "recent developments in Korea are a reminder of the importance of communication and close cooperation between the three countries." Happy Yonhap

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