North Korea Shot Bullets To Try To Sea Japan When Chinese Foreign Ministers Are In Korea

Korean bullshopes took place during the Chinese Foreign Minister Vuong Dong was in Seoul to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in and other senior officials Korea team said Korea shot a bullet Unidentified off the east coast (Japan Sea) today.Tham the Korean coinition library confirmed this but did not add details about the type and orbit of the object was shown. This may be the second time Pyongyang tried missiles within 1 week, after the two rocket rocket test last weekend in Hoang Hai, the west of the Korean peninsula. 13.9, North Korea said they tested a new cruise missile developed later last week

. North Korea's state media describes this missile as "strategic weapons with important meaning", implying that they are developed with the aim of equipping nuclear warheads. Every expert said that the test North Korea shows that Kim Jong-un administration is promoting its arsenal strengthening in the context of nuclear diplomatic relations between Pyongyang and Washington with a deadlock. Korean bullshot launches during the set China's Foreign Foreign Affairs is in Seoul to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in and other senior officials to discuss nuclear diplomacy are stalled with Korea
The US and North Korea have been stagnant since 2019, when the Americans refused North Korea's request to mitigate great sanctions in exchange for the removal of an old nuclear base. Mr. Kim's government has so far rejected the Biden administration's dialogue, except for Phia Washington to abandon its "hostile" policies first. The Korea resumed the test activity could be a effort The force to put pressure on the Biden administration on diplomatic frozen after Mr. Kim did not take advantage of its arsenal to put pressure on economic benefits during the President of Donald Trump.

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