North Korea Underestimates The New Slbm Announced By Korea

North Korea announced the newly announced the blasting missile from the submarine (SLBM) of Korea unable to attack effectively, a few days after Korea announced a successful SLBM test launch. -The 3,000 tons of 3,000 tons are capable of launching ballistic missiles. (Photo: Yonhap / TTXVN) According to Yonhap, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on September 20, North Korea announced the newly announced bullet from the submarine (SLBM) to be announced by Korea It must be a true SLBM and cannot be used as an effective attack medium. The head of the Korean Defense Science Agency has made comments above just a few days after Korea launches the inland SLBM head Fairy. Earlier Korea announced successfully testing SLBM from the subway Dosan Ahn Chang-ho grade 3,000 tons

. 15/9, the Korean President claimed to have become the 7th country in the world owned SLBM Self-produced. Korean President Moon Jae-in has shown the launch of the SLBM test at a local testing center of the Defense Development Agency, a few hours after North Korea launched 2 ballistic missiles to the sea Japan ./

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