North Korea Warns America To Pay For The Joint Exercises With Korea

Speaking in an interview with recent Chinese media, the Korean ambassador to China announced that the United States will have to pay for the exercises with South Korea. The country is a general threat of both China and Korea.0: 00/2: 51 Nandong Ryong-southern Nanchares, Korea Ambassador in China said that common exercises between the US and Korea arrested At the beginning on August 10 was the "most focused show of US hostile policy to North Korea," and affirming "that's not welcome and they will definitely have to pay for that ". Ryong-nam Ryong-nam, the Korean ambassador in China. Photo: CFP

.Path when answering the interview of China's Hoan Cau Times, Embassy emphasized, the time of the exercises This match showed that the United States "strikes using the strength of North Korea". Mr. Ri Ryong-South also added that the American action is "the threat to the safety of Korean people and worse The situation on the Korean peninsula "
According to him, regardless of the size and form of exercises, they are all preparatory exercises for a war, even a nuclear war. He note that purpose America is to improve the combat plan to conduct attacks covered with North Korea. "This is an aggression nature of taking place exercises." The Korean ambassador said that the US ignored the opposition to conduct exercises, demonstrating "America does not intend to resolve pine issues Through the dialogue to overthrow North Korea by force ". Ryong-nam Ryong-nam said:" The current situation once again proves the decision to strengthen Korea's national defense is a complete measure Improved and legitimate. "According to this official, to perform peace on the Korean peninsula, the United States must withdraw the army and weapons that the country implemented in Korea." As long as the US soldiers stay in Korea United States, the painful sampling of the peninsula will not be removed ". Ryong-nam Ryong-nam stressed, the fact proves that" Words are not enough, and just by accumulating the power to stop Block effective threats from external forces to Korea, can ensure peace and security of the Korean peninsula. This is a need related to our exhaustion ". He said, North Korea has shown the attitude that will treat the US based on the principle of" tough responding to toughness, goodwill response Goodwill "
Mr. Ri Ryong-nam also added that as long as the US military threat to Korea, cannot expect peace and security to the Korean peninsula. Before the threat America, Korea has legal rights to protect its sovereignty, territory and people. This official affirmed that, because the US policy for North Korea has not changed, so from Pyongyang's time will not Sitting at the US threats, which will strengthen the absolute deterrence to crush the increasing military threats from the US. Interior to China and Central Cooperation - Trieu, Ambassador Korea For that, recently, not only in the Korean peninsula, the US also conducted joint exercises with the neighboring countries of China, the purpose of tightening "military binding" with allies, n Mistin pressure with China and further strengthen strategic strategies against China. "The United States is a common threat to Korea and China, the two countries should cope by continuing to increase Cuong cooperation "./. Bich Thuan / VOV-Beijing

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