Northern Power Has The New Chairman And General Manager

The announcement of the decision to appoint the appointment, launch the Chairman and the new General Director on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the tradition of the Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC), promises to be a new stage of development of the Enterprise.0: 00/1: 10 Nou Southern President EVNNPC Do Nguyet Anh.Theo, Ms. Do Nguyet Anh - Former General Director EVNNPC was appointed to hold the Chairman of the Members' Council; Mr. Nguyen Duc Thien - Former Deputy General Director EVNNPC was appointed to hold the Member of the Members of the Members and General Director EVNNPC

. The new Chairman and the New General Director EVNNNPC are the perennial workers in the North Electricity , each with relatively favorable developments in his career, when she was 2 years ago, Ms. Anh was appointed to become the first female general director of the electricity industry, and Mr. Thien, was also appointed to hold the position of vice General Director EVNNPC
General Director of EVNNPC Nguyen Duc Thien is the largest enterprise in the electricity industry, EVNNPC has an area of activities in 29 provinces and cities in the North (from Ha Tinh), with over 10 million customers and nearly 3 thousands of employees. Many people believe that, with the existing platform, the new chairman and the new manager of EVNNPC will blow new winds into production and business activities; Join the employee's collective here to continue new pages of a traditional trading Corporation of more than 50 years.

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