Not A Gile Shirt, This Is The ‘disaster’ Costume Of The South (love Taste)

The collection of giés collections and gilees with the color of the male character in the 'love flavor' has caused many audiences to "shallow the words', who doubts the new style to show the viewer more confused than.0: 00 / 2: 14 male domain positions have broadcast nearly 100 episodes but the theme of the male female own costume has not been cooled down, even many audiences are too throng when it comments, the more stools are confusing And don't match. In Part 1, the male shoulder continues to wear sicks of skinny pants. The actor Phuong Oanh had to gain a good weight as required by the role, so the shadow pants made her look more rounded. Part 2, Male Goodbye Collection of shirts With a series of colorful Gile

. However, there are unsatisfactory sewing sets that accidentally reveal the unblossimetric round 2 of the character. This is, the female lead seems to turn the dress style again with the waist collection. However, the combination of Gucci belts with white T-shirts and wide-shaped denim shirts that look like girls from a few decades ago
But this black white "disaster" sets many spectators to shape. It's hard to understand why the stylist catches a white shirt with a feminine hand with jeans, not to mention a rather weird belt waist like a belly belt as a highlight (?!). There was a funny von of this costume for the right style, "Nam is practicing Gym is arrested." It was complained by the audience to the costume of the male character, Phuong Oanh used to confirm that the male Not a person eating a sophisticated area, though wearing may not be beautiful but not to disaster level as everyone blames. According to the direction of the prize, the South is the electrical engineer, which needs to be clean and clean and she doesn't understand why the audience is so stricted. However, most viewers still think that creating character shapes is also Important factors to keep the audience watching the film, are sympathetic to characters and actors. The male character does not need to be sophisticated but still wears a dress and trendy instead of the costumes several decades ago, causing confusing for viewers. Added there, Netizen could not understand at Stars when the film, the hair of the main character is not carefully taken carefully, often in a bit of slightly and unknown to make the male face less beautiful. In the short hairstyle, Phuong Oanh actress In addition, it only needs to be dried up, there was a trendy and important bobbing hair, but she added a few parts with a few parts (synthesized) according to many sources

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