Not Boiled, Fried Pork In This Way Is Soft And Delicious Again ‘restaurant Standard’

Fried pork is a favorite dish of many families. Leaving delicious meat, no toughness can be applied to the following <: 00/1: 52 South regions, which need to be prepared: 500 grams of core ribs; Butter 50 grams; Garlic; Rosemary leaves; Lettuce, tomato; Spices: Salt, Pepper, Road ... How to make fried pigs Do not dry: - You can clean it with water and use a knife to cut a piece, use a tissue to dry the meat to prepare spiced

. Choose a delicious fresh meat (Artwork) -Frit meat into the meat groses garlic salted Seed of a sweet powder, dry rosemary leaves mix well, to im in about 15 minutes so that the joints absorbed into the meat. Lighting and north pan up, putting butter and garlic into gold before. Then you put the pieces of meat core into the 2-sided frying, note that it is necessary to open a small fire so that the meat does not burn
-Title and use the spoon of butter streaming on the meat face to meat and aroma. Usually about 15 minutes of meat will be ripened and smells with a complex butter. - Finally, take the meat and serve with raw vegetables and a little tomato, ensuring great delicious. Usually about 15 minutes of meat will be ripe and yes The smell of fragrant butter. * How to choose delicious meat: The flesh meat is phonetic in French as "Côteette de Porc", belonging to the pig's back, mainly lean meat so very soft, delicious and expensive. Local West, core ribs are often sliced thick, while in Vietnam are cut into thin slices stick with the head of the ribs to easily prepare into a dish such as: grilled ribs with rice, frying ribs, ribs Ram, ... or do it (scrub cotton). To choose the most quality meat pieces for meals, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics: the core ribs often have a layer of white fat , fat and meat with steady adhesion together
Furthermore, the lean section should only be moderate to each other, the big fibers show that the flesh has been pumped lean. Meters must have a fresh red red, not too shiny. When touching, the flesh has a good elasticity, not pale or viscous. The ribs must stick to the meat, this is a new piece of meat, just cut and processed.

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