Not Gong Yoo, This Is The Last Boss That Makes The Audience Surprised When ‘hidden’ In ‘squid Game’!

The appearance of the character below has caused a large number of unexpected audiences.02 / 1: 55 nam 0000: 00/02: 20squid game is one of the films that are receiving great attention Coming from the audience. Beside the actors like Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, ..

. a celebrity figure suddenly appeared at the last minute that made the viewer extremely surprised. The special object was no one else was Kim Soo Hyun. Many people were surprised when actors were present in Squid's players' team with a blue shirt
But the truth behind that photo has made the fans laugh cows. That's merely the collage. The origin of this photo comes from Kim Soo Hyun as Cameo for Crash Landing On You movie. In this movie, actors who have had the opportunity to transform into the Korean spy named Dong Gu.With in confusing actions with the "can't be more lingerie" hair, Kim Soo Hyun made the audience laugh Strictly in front of his lightning appearance. Do not really appear in Squid Game, but the pictures of double actors matching the actors shown under the fans's hands also gives the audience the moments Extremely interesting.Squid game is a movie about the journey to conquer the bonus of the ink game participants. With this game, players will have to trade their lives without completing the challenge rounds. The film is highly appreciated by professional techniques, eye-catching images, casting actresses Along with profound content. Besides, the film also makes the audience extremely unexpectedly with the arrival of Gong Yoo, Lee Byung Hun in the Cameo
After broadcasting, the film quickly dominates No. 1 on the premises Earth of the US Netflix. In addition, the effect that Squid game is also extremely large when all the websites from Facebook, Tiktok, .. all talk about the movie, even challenge the game to separate candies like Squid game. Many opinions such as frozen, the content is not really attractive, ... But Squid Game is still a pet of a large number of audiences at the moment. The film is now full on Netflix.

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