Not Jack, This Is The One That Thien An Has The First Move After Days ‘hidden’

Many days since the brake is braked, Thien An recently has a surprise move on the social network.0: 00/1: 26 years of the last time, the network community has not waved "waves" Before the scandal revolves around Jack's private life. Not only are the prosecution of "caught a lot of fish", the voice of Hai Duong flower also confirmed that there was a child with the main female in the MV of Thien An.Jlack wind waves. Jack must be covered with a lot of people in the future

. " "When Thien An confirmed the confirmation of having children with Jack, and said that male singer" horned "himself, unevenly and only allowed 5 million VND per month for me. After everything is braked , Thien An has "hidden", refusing to reply to the press and does not share anything on social networks. Most recently, the female main in the wind wave MV has the first move
Thien An opened the public Instagram's publicity. Instagram's Instagram page of Thien An daughter and Jack show only a picture of a picture that records the moment of the mother's mother's hands colliding with the content: "Small small hand on to big hands". Single post on Instagram Of the pianan daughter on the daughter's Instagram page, Thien An also did not forget to send a message to yourself: "Mother's joy is to look s * grew up every day." Don't forget to make a message on this Instagram Knowing this is an Instagram account opened for a long-time girl for a long time, but she didn't leave a public regime because he wanted to keep it from Jack, after confirming a child with Thien An and sent Sorry to the audience, the brand, partner, male singers have yet to have anything next. Many people are waiting for more practical actions from the Jack side for two children An after the past leaves.

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