Not Officially Entering The Door That The Future Bride Has Warped, I Closed A Sentence That Makes Her Collapse Mentally

Therefore, if I don't 'tall hands', the future sister has climbed to the head. I brought my lover about my family last week. But the truth, I don't have a good impression on my future bride. My brother, Just praise the lover to go, and tell me to be difficult, strict, leave this stomach. But try asking in my position, if I don't "high-handed" to the previous move, will it live still with this monster sister in this monster? Not married

. For me, my life, your happiness must be held and created yourself. I also don't want to be entangled with children, families without concentrating career development. In the house, my parents also supported my thoughts and never forced, urging my husband and son
The future sister in the first time I wanted to meet my face: "So she intended to live Single made her lady? ". I laugh, let go. Anyway she is a guest in the house. Going to meals, she helps to eat up (mother and cooking food), she is hollowing: "Opera, simple dishes like this, I went to the kitchen a little done right away". Then turned to say half a half-hearted style to me: "I thought she used to this age, cooking must be very skillful, doubt it was only that. people. My parents were surprised, don't think she said that "hazard" so. My brother laughed ha ha, explaining that the lover is very straightforward, thinking about that, I hope the whole house doesn't get angry. Yes, I don't want to be angry. I want to go to the end of the talk, the future brother-in-law asked my parents: "Later married, I and Mr
H will take care of your parents. So where are you L? " Difficult to rent a house and stay comfortable. "She looked at me with suspicious eyes or as to verify my words, right? And my very honest brother also responded: "You're right, I am. This is her home, not your parents', then, then her face changes to quickly . That night, I also heard my brother told by a farewell loved. I said it now: "Just break up, the type of minarier is regretful?" But I saw my lovers deeply but naive in affection. Should I "hand out" to help my brother cut off with the other person who loves money? Follow My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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