Not Only Delicious Cooking, Le Phuong Is Extremely Skillful When Making Beautiful Pomelos

Everyone who also rises in front of the creativity and skill of Le Phuong.0: 00/1: 17 Southern namrong during the time at the recent vacation house, Le Phuong is one of the Vietnamese stars regularly Enjoy admiring before the ability to cook no different from a professional chef.Nestly, the actress continues to show its "home public home" when sharing the left cake image she prepares for My children on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Sharing pictures of the Mid-Autumn Festival of the Mid-Autumn Family. Can see, the tray that the actress prepares quite fully with moon cakes and fruits

. The most special in Le Phuong's tray is Appearance of "pomelos". After receiving a lot of praise about his tray, Le Phuong posted the article instructions on how to make "a pomelo dog" as follows. The material includes: - Big grapefruit to make a ruffled fur-pumpkin / papaya Long fruit -> Long shape to do body-cassava / potatoes -> Round shape to do the first part of the work: choose the balance and head
The body, divided 2. Take a 2-part divider again and split it to make 4 legs. Fixed the fruit pill to the long body, can take a little greenuple to make the necks. The shell is separated, using a grapefruit (still sticking on the shell) to fire it like a fig. Pomelored zones on the frame with bamboo toothpicks. Create two ears and tails. Using your eyes and nose. Here Le Phuong replaces with raisins and a piece of carrots. Depending on the feeling that adjusts the position of the nasal eye for nature. The actor shared the appearance of the pomelo dog on the Mid-Autumn Festival tray is associated with the culmination
Volunteer to donate his bowel to a pebled wife so that the wife rose again. After that, I was tied to try the bowel with the land to replace it and put it in the dog, who doubted the dog resurrected. So every year on the full moon night, people put the tray of a pomelo dog to honor the good action, the beautiful gesture. Le Phuong said that her son's son also knew this game , so when she saw the pomelo dog made him more excited about what was learning.

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