Not Worried About, Staying At Home Still Chill

Erik, DTAp and the medium-free tour bring to Netizen a music experience, tourism in Chill's hiccups to gently glide through stress, tired of stretching at the distance: 00/3: 08 nammv domain " TA and Chill "just appeared on social networks but have received more than 200,000 strong views and viral of young people. Hundreds of thousands of Emoji (emoticons) love, share words, sympathy sent to Erik, DTAP in the MV has a unique between this particular moment. Familiar with dynamic life and so World filled with colors, acquainted offices, Le La shops, PAR, Pubs, Shopping or simply walking in the ward street, the past time with young people is a pole of imprisonment at home So stress, fatigue is inevitable. Morning news, recommend all residents at home, do not go to the street if not really necessary for the benefit of the community. TA and Chill "make viewers easily! If the gene is eager to go to the summer, I hope every holiday to meet your friends, enjoy the camping, traveling across the country but now no one wants to "get a break" after a long time At home

. The translation is tied up because of a way of stretching, the number of Covid-19 cases increased proportion to the feet of young people. The mood, stress, tired of the vibrant life suddenly stops before each door with many people is understandable. However, it is very bored as you think because of the general The disease prevention hand is still 1001 ways to move the "Chill" at home without stepping to the street, just turning on "Mood Chill" to Erik, DTAP and a no-level car
"Ta together Chill "Open an unprecedented music and tourism space in the way of breaking the tension, tired of millions of Netizens. MV bears the music of Z gene Z, both exciting, both romantic gentle with the green landscape across the country across all regions of the country to cool while staying at home to make young people "UP UP down" for "degrees "Go into the hearts of people in the moment." Mood Chill "with a non-tiring tension, tired of staying at home. The improvised combination of Erik, DTAp and the no-level vehicle turn on the Chill switch For Igen, bring a peaceful feeling, rubbing stresses, fatigue, or loneliness in the epidemic season. The bustling melodies, the addictive films of "TA and Chill" such as cool water flows to cool life for young people who are interpreting and opening a very interesting to-do-list for young people to do In the upcoming journeys. "Chill

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