Not Yet Granted, Hundreds Of Years Old Are Children

If it has not been a granting ceremony, though the hundreds of age, although it is about to go to the astronomy is still children, not to do the rituals of the people according to the customs of the Dao 9: 00/6: 19 South "near Xa sky "is still a young Son Dong Du is a prestigious elderly in Ha Son neighborhood, Ngoc Lac town (Thanh Hoa). Mr. Du said, for a knife, although he was 100 years old but not yet to be a gross ceremony according to the right customs, it was only considered a child, died without a fresh ghost ceremony. People who have not yet given no high status in the Dao community, wedding ceremonies, asks, the vegetarians only perform normally, do not follow the customs of Dao.khu city, where there are 200 households Dao people with 900 demographics live

. Photo: Vo Dung.In Du Nguyen is a cadres of Ngoc Khe commune (now merged with Ngoc Lac town), the teacher specializes in performing ceremonies for Dao people. But he himself could not perform this important ritual for his 3 children
In his family, the new ritual ceremony was only made for the two couple and his couple. According to Mr. Du, the growing ceremony of Dao people is quite expensive, his family is not eligible to do all for everyone. In 1904, some Dao from Hoa Binh migrated to Muong Lat district (Thanh Hoa ) Then expand the living area to Ba Thuoc and Ngoc Lac districts. The Dao community in Ngoc Lac district currently has about 460 households, with more than 2,200 people residing in Tan Thanh village (Thanh Lap commune), Ha Son neighborhood (Ngoc Lac town) and Phung Son (Phung Giao commune). In Ha Son Quarter, Ngoc Lac Town, Ngoc Lac District Community Dao has more than 200 households, with more than 900 people. Be a prestigious prestige teacher in the neighborhood, Mr. Du has ever been a gross ceremony for Many people are still worried. There are stories that make him hurt throughout their lives. Far away from the lane, sadly, he sorry for those who died but did not qualify for growing
There are people who are now near the sky, about to be anarmese who are still children. "Due to difficult economic circumstances, husband and wife did not live together, do not have a grace ceremony, Mr. Phung Viet Newspaper Although I was 75 years old, the veteran beating American still was considered childish. After death, the instrument will not be a "fresh ghost" and cannot be worshiped on the target ", he comes far away. But it is the custom for thousands of years of the knife, cannot be changed. You want to meet the talking talk, Mr. Du said, due to the difficult life, the newspaper is currently in Hanoi to sell chopsticks, every year only on dumbfounders, the "fresh ghost". It is a ceremony to worship, squirrel right after a person dies. This is considered an honor, proud of the dead and family. If anyone has not been a level of grace, the family, the family still holds normal burial, but not prayed to the right customs of the knife, called the Dry Mary. Usually held in spring and winter when harvesting crops, food, full-house food. In order to do the grace ceremony, in addition to spiritual factors (genealogy of the line they are allowed to do), there are 7 priests (2 teachers, 5 ordinary teachers). A person who wants to be a granting ceremony 18 years old and older and must have enough couple. The growing ceremony for her husband is also always for his wife. A level ritual usually takes place from 2-3 days. The landlord must prepare about 3 pigs, 4 chickens, about 60 liters of alcohol, sticky rice to organize rituals and invite neighbors to eat and drink, congratulatory festival. Dong Van Du and Mr. Trieu Van Khang Regarding the customary ceremony of the Dao people in Ha Son neighborhood. Photo: Vo Dung. Before, when a granted ceremony will invite the entire Dao, friends and relatives in the village and village to attend the Festival and celebrate for 5-6 days. People who attend the Festival, dining do not have to prepare a greeting gift like the wedding ceremony of the Kinh, the entire cost is due to the owner of the owner. Currently, because the Dao community is quite large, the owner Effectiveness only invited representatives of households to attend. The cost for a local Dao's grace ceremony ranges from 20-40 million dong, if the family has a pretty false economic conditions, it will spend the money greater than half of the new life altar. Economic difficulties, holidays are expensive, so the Ha Son neighborhood has 900 knives but currently only about 250 people are granted. Those who have been a prestige, prestige, attending the teachers in a manner will be able to take a level of elsewhere for others. The unmanned meditation that the teachers are used in the grace ceremony, the ceremony Altar the nest. Photo: Vo Dung.In Trieu Van Khang, Head of Ha Son neighborhood said, according to the customs of the Dao, giving birth to children, raising children, when the child gets married, the growing ceremony is finished for me . But with the knife, the acute ceremony is not expensive by planning the altar. According to the concept of the Dao community, if it is not yet established the table, it has not been considered a knife and no voice and high position in the community

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