Note When Buying Food Online During Covid-19

When buying food online, consumers should choose e-commerce sites that have been widely announced by state management agencies, online sales channels of supermarket systems, certified companies In terms of food quality.0: 00/4: 16 namdo namdo Situation of translation Covid-19 is complicated, so the need to buy food through websites to use becomes more popular, especially the Fresh foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, ... are so main, the more food business individuals through social networking sites

. However, there are many business people in spontaneous forms, without business licenses and do not have a food safety certificate. Consumers buy poor quality foods on social networking sites . Photo: NVH NV at the actual foodstuff, there are many cases where buying must be poor food on social networking sites
Many cases have to remove food due to the purchase of meat, fish and vegetables do not guarantee quality. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy (residing in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City) said: last time due to stretching Straighten, the family does not go out to buy items but only put things on social networking sites. Many times I ordered in a poor quality food. "Ordering on social networking sites is very convenient, just choose the products you need, someone delivered to the house. However, many times I bought the food not as desired. On the seller sales page introduced the product very fresh but until the goods are not as expected. Typically, I put the meat, although the seller ad was a new meat, fresh meat but when receiving the goods, the market appeared to have a bad smell, the meat showed an unusual color change "- Thuy shares. The number of customers orders on supermarkets is too large, so many supermarkets cannot receive all orders. Therefore, people have to find on some foods selling food on social networking sites. Many individuals trafficking foods in the way of buying and selling, so the seller also does not know what the product quality is
Fish, meat and vegetables on online sales groups. Many sellers are guaranteed to be clean, fresh goods but when receiving it is not as desired. Yes, I bought a vegetable, the fish were broke, when I called the seller again, it was answered, "I also regained the goods from other sisters" they promise to change again, but when calling them to get back The goods cannot be contacted. "It is important to buy online food to buy food safety management, Ho Chi Minh City, when buying food online, consumers should choose e-commerce sites Spacious father of state management agencies, online sales channels of supermarket systems, the company has a certification of food quality. If buying food on social platforms, it needs to consider and Caution when choosing to buy foods, refer to relatives, friends or reviews, comments and photos of previous buyers; Considering the price of foods because now some sellers raise food prices high compared to the prescribed price; Not to pay orders first, for unsafe sellers about prestige, food quality; Check the quantity and quality of food according to the ordered order when receiving the goods. Besides, many families tend to put a large amount of food in a purchase to store for long periods of use . This can accidentally cause dietary foods, do not ensure safe use and risk food poisoning if preserved incorrectly, even when stored in the refrigerator. When buying food Over the consumer network to note: Check the foods already in the refrigerator, freezer ... and the expiry date of those foods. Up shopping listings of foods to buy. At the same time, do not buy too much food to store long use, so it is recommended to estimate the amount of consumption of each food type, ensuring use in two Up to three days or up to a week, including fresh, frozen and long-term foods, less damaged such as cereals, canned goods, drying ... Processing, food processing properly according to Ho Chi Minh City Food Safety Management Board, due to the amount of food ordered for a few days, consumers also need to pay attention to the processing and preserving each type of food properly, ensuring safety protection Birth of food during storage and use. For vegetables, tubers, fruits need to be washed, drain and divide into small parts (amounts of enough for a meal) before package, wrap, preserved in cool temperature; Poultry eggs when buying and drying, drying and storing at cool temperatures; meat, fish and other animal products must be washed and drain; Wrap tight storage at cool temperatures when waiting for processing during the day; Store at a frozen temperature if preserved longer and leave other foods when stored in the refrigerator.

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